Warlord Skill Tree

The brand new Warlord Skill tree is a third Commander Skill tree

Skilling this tree provides Huge combat stats to enhance your base strength as well as significant increases to solo and rally, march and trap sizes.

In order to unlock and upgrade the levels of the Warlord tree you will need Warlord’s Medallion items which are found via in-game pack purchases

The Warlord Skill tree can be accessed by clicking on the medal icon within the Commander screen in the top left corner of your base

Requirements to level up Warlord Tree

The Warlord skill tree can be levelled up

Levelling it up will unlock additional skill attributes and more skill points to use filling the skill points you wish

each level requires Warlord’s Medallion items to upgrade, here is a breakdown of the requirements for each level:

  1. unlocked with token from a pack purchase
  2. 1 million
  3. 1 million
  4. 1 million
  5. 1 million
  6. 2 million
  7. 2 million
  8. 4 million
  9. 7 million
  10. 10 million
  11. 10 million
  12. 20 million
  13. 20 million
  14. 20 million
  15. 33 million
  16. 33.5 million
  17. 33.5 million
  18. 33 million
  19. 33.5 million
  20. 66.5 million

Total Warlord’s Medallion items (levels 1-20)- 332 Million


Breakdown of the Warlord skill tree

The Warlord tree is broken into two sections; levels 1-5 then levels 6-10

After level 10, currently no new skill attributes are unlocked, levels 11-20 just unlock additional skill points to use in the Warlord skill tree

Levels 1-5 require a minimum of 20 skill points in an attribute in order to unlock the next. Each skill can have a maximum of 50 points attributed to it

Levels 6-10 require a minimum of 40 skill points in an attribute in order to unlock the next. Each skill can have a maximum of 100 points attributed to it

level 6 can be skilled right away once its unlocked with Warlord’s Medallions, there is no pre-requisite to unlock it with skills from levels 1-5


How to Skill the Warlord Tree

How you skill the Warlord tree is dependant on the type of account you have.

There is no right or wrong way to skill it provided you covered all the attributes required by your style of play.

As a general rule of thumb all styles of account can benefit from skilling the Warlord Troop Deployment size and Warlord Trap deployment size skills. Having a larger individual troop and trap march will help when hitting players and when filling rallies etc.

For anyone looking to defend, the Indestructible Defense is a must along with the Combat Shielding skills.

For Rally leaders and Control Point players, the Rally and Rally Trap deployments sizes are a must.

Skilling all the Attack stats is a good idea for players of all account styles.

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