VIP Prestige 9 & New VIP Layout

VIP Prestige 9 is here. It requires a token or 10k Gold to unlock. It maintains all of the benefits of VIP Prestige 8 however the jump in boosts is considerably significant compared to VIP Prestige 8.

The layout of the VIP in the game has also been revamped to make it more visually appealing and easier for players to see their VIP level and the benefits that level and any future VIP levels give.

New VIP Layout

The VIP layout has been revamped. Previously only the VIP prestige that you were on was shown and future VIP Prestiges and their benefits could only be seen once you Prestiged to that level. That has been scrapped and the new layout features all VIP levels past and present.

There is currently 100 VIP levels visible: the original VIP plus the 9 VIP prestiges.

VIP levels 1-10 is the original VIP levels, then every 10 levels after that is a VIP Prestige, so VIP 11-20 is Prestige 1, 21-30 is Prestige 2 and so on.

This new layout makes viewing the VIP levels much easier and being able to see the benefits of higher levels before you reach them is advantageous to plan ahead.


VIP Prestige 9

VIP Prestige 9 has some substantial boosts at level 10 (aka VIP 100) when compared to VIP Prestige 8.

The main benefits of VIP Prestige 9 are:

  • One Click Core set manufacturing – allows you to craft a full recipe perfect Core set in one click, provided you have the required Cores and Attachments in your inventory and unlocked for use.
  • Open all Alliance gifts – Open all alliance gifts in one click which is an improvement from being able to open a set amount in one click previously.

This VIP Prestige is the first Prestige where you don’t lose stats upon immediately Prestiging. Previously the level 1 stats on a new Prestige would be lower than the level 10 stats on the lower Prestige meaning your need to level up a few levels to get an enhancement on your boosts. This time however VIP Prestige 9 level 1 (VIP91) has higher boosts than VIP Prestige 8 level 10 (VIP90). Therefore there is no reason to not prestige instantly once you get the opportunity to now.

The biggest jump in Boosts is with the Troop Attack, Troop Defense and Troop Health stats, which all rise to 200% at level 10 (VIP100) and increase of 120% from VIP Prestige 8 level 10 (VIP90) This jump is the most substantial jump in any boost we have seen for VIP levels up to now in Mobile Strike.

All of the other boosts receive an enhancement except for the number of missions (Daily, Alliance & VIP), the Vault Maximum Deposit, The Commander Preset and The Open Resource items.

vip prestige 9

VIP Prestige 9 requires 10.15 Billion VIP points to reach level 10 (VIP100). This is 8 times the requirement of the previous VIP Prestige and these increases in requirements mean that at least initially its going to be very difficult for the average player to get without spending a lot of money.

vip prestige 9 part 2








vip prestige 9 part 3








This VIP Prestige is the most expensive yet by a considerable distance. The One Click Core crafting is a very handy feature especially for rally leaders. The Combat boosts are the biggest jump we have seen yet and will help players to both increase the power of their Attacks and the strength of their Base.

For players fighting at Control Points etc, getting the max prestige with these enhanced boosts is essential as any increase in boosts can make all the difference in a Control Point battle especially when two players are competing for it with max research.



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