VIP 110 (Prestige 10)

VIP 110 has been released. It maintains all the benefits of VIP prestige 9 (VIP100) but features an increase primarily in Combat stats and resource production.

The Troop Defense, Troop Health and Troop Attack stats increase from 200% to 350%. (without dbc membership active for additional % increase) This is the biggest increase in these combat stats so far.

The resource production increases from 50% in prestige 9 to 175% in VIP 110, this is a 125% increase and is ideal for anyone that hyper produces resources in their base.

The Auto helps increases from 17 to 25

Key Benefits

There is 4 key beneifts in VIP 110. These are:

Vip Rally Queue – This benefit allows you to easily copy the rally leaders troop composition when joining a rally by using the VIP rally queue button. This saves time having to select the right composition of troops and add them to a rally.

Rally Troop Mismatch Alert – This feature alerts everyone in the rally if someone joins using a different troop composition to the rally leader.  (by marking with a small red cross by that players name)

Master Combine – Easily Combine all Cores, Attachments, Mods, Insignia and Materials with the click of a button

Free Mod Removal – Allows you to easily remove Mods from your gear at no cost


VIP 110 requires 488 Billion VIP points to reach max level. This is yet another big jump from the previous VIP level and it means that at least initially it will be tough for the average player to achieve.

vip 110


The key benefits in this VIP prestige are rather nice.

The smart rallying features can allow alliances to quickly identify what troops are in rallies and ensure they have the right composition which is essential as often sending the wrong troops can be the difference between getting capped or not

Master Combine is a very useful feature that helps players easily keep their account organised.

The free Mod removal is incredibly handy and means players can easily and quickly swap mods between gear sets which is especially useful if you only have one of a particular mod set.

The Combat boosts in this VIP prestige make it essential that all Control point players and rally leads acquire it


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