Ultimate Annihilation Core set – Tactical

The Ultimate Annihilation core set is the second recipe perfect Prototype set released in Mobile Strike.

Its a Tactical based set and is advertised as having 3600% Tactical Attack. This is a significant improvement from the previously released supreme destruction core set.

The Recipe

Like the Supreme Destruction set, this is a recipe perfect prototype set. Using the specific recipe will allow you to get the “hidden” stats that form this set. This recipe is very basic and only has 6 different attachments. Each Core requires all of the 6 attachments to make it “recipe perfect” and get the set bonus.

ultimate annihilation recipe

Each of the Cores requires the following Attachments:

  • Tactical Brace
  • Drum Magazine
  • Tactical Belt
  • SMG Foregrip
  • Hollow Point Casing
  • Res Star Patch

The Cores used in the set & the completed product with Attachments added:

  • Annihilation SMG > Top Secret Annihilation SMG
  • Annihilation Helmet > Top Secret Annihilation Helmet
  • Annihilation Jacket > Top Secret Annihilation Jacket
  • Annihilation Pants > Top Secret Annihilation Pants
  • Annihilation Hollow Points > Top Secret Hollow Points

The Base bonus (5) is Troop Attack 50%/Advanced Troop Attack 50%

The Full bonus (7) is Troop Attack 100%/Advanced Troop Attack 100%

ultimate annihilation


(Please note: All Modding advice is accurate at the time of writing)

As this is a Tactical based attack Set you want to Mod it for Tactical Attack/Troop Attack to get the most potential from the set. If you have the Mod Set research complete then the current strongest way to Mod it is the new Anniversary Troop Attack Mod set. The best Pure Tactical Mod set would be the Annihilation Mod set which would give 1400% Tactical/Troop Attack. A secondary option to Mod it would be the Halloween Troop Attack Mod set, which will give 1225% Troop Attack.

If you don’t have the Mod Set research complete then an example ideal way to Mod this Set would be:

  • Tactical Mod – Tactical Attack (25%)
  • Headshot Mod – Tactical Attack (25%)
  • Fear Mod – Troop Attack (25%)
  • Combat Tactical Mod (Special) – Tactical Attack (25%)/Annihilator’s Mod (Special)- Tactical Attack (25%)/Deployment Speed (12.5%)

Alternative Mods

  • Scythe Mod – Troop Attack (25%)
  • Boom Mod – Troop Attack (25%)
  • Fang Mod (Special) – Troop Attack (25%)/Venom Mod (Special) – Troop Attack (25%)/Deployment Speed (12.5%)
  • Carpet Bomb Mod – Troop Attack (25%)

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