T5 Troops – Regular Troops

The first T5 Troops have arrived in Mobile Strike

This first batch of T5 Troops are all regular Troops. This would suggest that Advanced T5 and Mercenary T5 will also be released at a later date.

The Regular T5 troops that have been released are:

  • Strikers – Infantry
  • Hunters – Tactical
  • Wraiths – Armored Vehicle
  • Rocket Barrage – Artillery

The new T5 Troops have per Troop:

  • An upkeep of 600
  • Power of 45
  • Strikers Load – 30
  • Hunters Load – 30
  • Wraiths Load -20

Rocket Barrage have Upkeep per Troop of 600, Power of 60 and Load of 60


The new T5 Troops have a different appearance when marching with them to make them easy to identify from other troop tiers. They Look like this, so your able to tell whether they are being used to attack or fill rallies against you:

T5 marching


Requirements for T5 Regular Troops

There is 3 requirements you need in order to unlock Regular T5 Troops. These are:

  1. Research Facility at level 21
  2. Rocket Artillery (Regular Artillery T4) to be researched
  3. Troop Academy to level 16

Meeting these 3 requirements will Allow you to start researching Regular T5 troops. For full details about all the new researches in the T5 combat tree please check out the T5 researches extended combat tree

Troop Academy to 16

In order to get the Troop Academy to 16 which is required for unlocking T5 troops, it not only requires Golden Badge items, but also requires a new item called Normal Golden Badge. This item is only found in selected in-game purchases.

Troop Academy level 15-16 requires:

  • Golden Badges – 1200
  • Normal Golden Badges – 1200

It increases the Troop Promotion Queue size to 500,000 and allows for Tier 4-Tier 5 Promotion and Tier 5- Tier 5 Promotion.

Training ground 16



Thoughts on Regular T5 Troops

The Introduction of T5 Troops changes the whole complexion of the combat mechanics in the game. Players that weren’t previously able to be burned are now starting to get burned.

The strength of T5 hits is still dependent on how complete the T5 researches are, players cant just expect to unlock the T5 Troops and have them hit more powerful than any other Troops.

Control Point battles are now almost exclusively Dominated by T5 troops which can become very costly for players competing at a control point for long periods of time.

The cost to train T5 in both resources and speed ups is significantly more than any previous troop tier. To train over 10 million T5 costs approx 20k days and over 100 Billion of each required RSS. This means players should be smart with when they use their T5 otherwise it will become very expensive, very quickly!

As its only T5 regular troops released currently, once Advanced and Mercenary T5 are released the variety of hits made will be much greater.

Trap accounts and players that take rallies will need to account for the added strength of T5 troops especially when combined with the strongest cores and 4 million rallies.



What are your thoughts on T5 Troops?  Do you think they are a good addition to the game?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

2 thoughts on “T5 Troops – Regular Troops

  1. T5 troops seem overrated both in attack and defense.

    Many T5 rallies against bases do not deliver the expected results and do not hit more or even hit less then the previous A4 or M4 marches. And also several traps get caught fire by an M4 rally even though their bases are reinforced with T5.

    The key for these apperances is with the troop composition. T5 is stronger than the T4/A4/M4 units; however, it is still a regular troop. The strong unit does not share the +200% or +300% bonus against the weaker units as advanced or merc units have. It means that a single unit T5 rally against an evenly balanced regular troop defending base will suffer an attack penalty compared to an A4 or M4 rally which will not be compensated through the higher stats of T5 in all cases.

    Also, the defending base cannot fully rely on the higher stats of T5 as long as its T4 composition allows merc rallies to cut their way to kill count victories.

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