T5 Researches: Extended Combat tree research

The Combat research tree has been extended to feature new researches to both unlock T5 troops and provide combat boosts for all Troops

This new section of research requires Future Research files in order to complete.

This research is different from previous researches in that it does not require speed ups or resources in order to complete, it only requires the future research files.

The new researches require the Research Facility at level 21

The new researches

Here is an overview of all the new Combat Tree researches. Please note that all the stats given below are for fully completed researches (10/10)

  • Strikers – Unlocks Infantry T5 regular troops
  • Hunters – Unlocks Tactical T5 regular troops
  • Wraiths – Unlocks Armored Vehicle T5 regular troops
  • Rocket Barrage – Unlocks Artillery T5 regular troops
  • Energy Field – Unlocks regular T5 traps (strong vs Infantry)
  • Plasma Mines – Unlocks regular T5 traps (strong vs Armored Vehicles)
  • Control Tower – Unlocks regular T5 traps (strong vs Tactical)


  • Striker Resource Training Cost – 30%
  • Hunters Resource Training Cost – 30%
  • Wraith Resource Training Cost – 30%
  • Rocket Barrage Resource Training Cost – 30%
  • Elite Infantry Defense – 1000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Infantry Health – 1000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Infantry Attack – 1000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Tactical Defense – 1000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Tactical Health – 1000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Tactical Attack – 1000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Armored Defense – 1000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Armored Health – 1000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Armored Attack – 1000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Trap Defense – 300% (for T5 traps)
  • Elite Trap Attack – 300% (for T5 traps)
  • Death Row Elimination Duration – 1 Day
  • Elite Artillery Defense – 100% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Artillery Health – 100% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Artillery Attack – 100% (for T5 troops)
  • Resource Send Capacity III – 75,000,000
  • Resource Receive Capacity III – 75,000,000
  • Troop Defense with Commander – 650%
  • Troop Health with Commander – 650%
  • Troop Attack with Commander – 1000%

Special Unlocks

There is 3 Research Bonus reward unlocks. These are gained at the following research completions:

  • Rocket Barrage Resource Training Cost – Level 10
  • Death Row Elimination Duration I – Level 4
  • Troop Attack with Commander – Level 7

These unlocks give Future Solider Research Files


Thoughts on this new research

The new research is required in order to unlock T5 troops which is an essential for any rally leader, rally filler or Control Point player.

The new research is the first time no speed ups or resources have been required in order to complete. (with the exception of specially designed states of course) This makes it easier for players to complete provided they can accumulate the required Future Solider files (which predominantly come in packs)

The Defense, Health and Attack researches only give the boost if the Commander is present. This means any player that loses their Commander will not benefit from these particular researches.

The new Elite Defense. Health and Attack researches for individual Troop types provide varying boosts for each tier of troop. The stats listed above are the boosts for T5 troops. Tiers 1-4 will receive a lower % boost than this. The Boosts are an additional stat and will be additional to the current stats you have (for example if you max Elite Infantry Defense to 10 = 1000% and have Infantry Defense stat at 302% your total Infantry Defense for T5 troops would be 1000% + 302%)

The resource Help Send and Receive Stat increases by 75,000,000. This is very useful for helping alliance team mates out and also allows teammates to send resources to you much faster should you need them.

The Death Row Elimination Duration increase of 1 day is very nice. Combined with the equivalent research in the Battle Tactics research tree its now possible to get a boost of 3 days per Commander eliminated. This makes killing Commanders much more worthwhile as the boost gained lasts for longer.

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