Rebel Targets level 9

Brand new Rebel targets level 9 have been released.

In order to unlock the ability to hit these new rebels, you need to research the Level 9 Rebel Target Research in the Commander Research tree. Rebel target level 8 research is required before you can research level 9.

The level 9 Rebel Targets require 5000 Rebel level 9 Restricted files and 7500 Research files (without research gear equipped) in order to research. These files can be found in selected in-game purchases.

The level 9 Rebels are listed as being “The premium targets for earning Golden Stopwatches, Service Commendations, Research files, Cores attachments and more”

Each time a Rebel target level 9 is killed every member of your alliance will benefit from bonus gifts. This makes this Rebel level the most rewarding to kill in terms of benefits to your whole alliance.

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