Rebel Target level 8 & Energy Insignia

Rebel Targets level 8 and the new Energy Insignia have both been released. In order to kill Rebel Targets level 8 you will need to unlock that ability by researching it in the Commander tree.

Rebel Target Level 8

Rebel Target level 8 research requires a Research Facility lv 21 and Rebel Target level 7 complete to unlock it. It takes 5000 Rebel level 8 Restricted files and 3500 Research Files (without equipping an Atom Splitter Weapon)

It takes 256 million Stone, Oil & Iron and 512 million Food & Coin and gives 11 million power when complete. Level 8 Rebel targets are predominantly found within the radius of the Capital. The advertised drops from these Rebels are significantly better than any previous rebel levels.

Energy Insignia

The New Energy Insignia has been released to compliment the Rebel Targets level 8. This Insignia gives a Maximum Energy limit of 50,000. It has a duration of 1 hour and a cool down of 4 hours. It is ideal to be paired with the Rebel Destroyer Insignia for maximum effectiveness when hitting rebels.

energy insignia





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