Protector Defense Mod set

A brand new Protector Defense Mod set has been released.

It features 4 new Mods; 3 regular Mods and 1 special Mod

The Protector Defense Mod set is a Defensive Mod set that is advertised as giving 2800% Troop Defense when used in all 7 pieces of gear with the required Mod set research fully completed.

The new Mods

(Stats for all troop types; regular, advanced and mercenary)

Duelist Mod – 25% Troop Defense

Lancer Mod – 25% Troop Defense

Legion Mod – 25% Troop Defense

Knight Mod (Special) – 25% Troop Defense


This Mod set is the new strongest Troop Defense Mod set giving 1225% More advertised Defense than the previous best; the Winter Defense Mod set.

It is ideal to be used in any Defensive based gear such as the new Seigebreaker gear and ideal to use to defend your base when being rallied.

Pairing this new Mod set up with Defense based Insignia will yield the strongest Defense results.

These new Mods provide a further selection for players without the Mod set research complete. All of the Mods in this new Protectors Defense Mod set are 25% Troop Defense making them all ideal for anyone looking to Mod for pure Troop Defense.

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