Mods & Mod Sets

Mods & Mod Sets can be very confusing and Modding Gear can be a tricky process for many players in Mobile Strike. Its one of the few areas players can be differentiated based on their skill level.

Unfortunately Mod Sets were released and took away a large element of that skill replacing it with a research tree and Mod Sets that give boost superior to anything possible with random selections of Mods. In essence making Modding your gear much more simple

The plus side to this however is that even greater stats can be achieved with Mod Sets meaning your Gear becomes stronger.

How Mod Sets work

The full Mod Set research needs to be completed in order to get the full benefits from Mod Sets. Each Mod set gives the boosts from each individual Mod and a Set Bonus.

The Amount of Set Bonus you receive is dependent on how complete each individual Mod set Bonus research is (eg Tactical Mod set etc) AND how complete the Mod Set Bonus modifier I & II researches are.

If they are fully maxed you will receive the full advertised Mod Set Bonus (found in game or on this site), if they are incomplete or partially complete you will only receive a % of that advertised Mod Set Bonus.


Check out the full collection of Mod sets: