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The latest big feature released in Mobile Strike is Mod Sets. These are a specific combination of Mods grouped together to make a set. If you use the correct combination of Mods to form the set you get an additional set bonus benefit in your gear provided you have completed the new research tree released – the Mod set bonus tree.

The new research tree in addition to providing the research to make your mod sets highly effective, has many hugely beneficial combat boosts stored in it. There is:

  • Commander presets – Two more presets
  • Individual Health boosts for Infantry/Tactical/Armored Vehicle – 200%
  • Individual Defense boosts for Infantry/Tactical/Armored Vehicles – 200%
  • Rally Reduction III – 20% (1 minute) meaning combined with Battle tactic research you can now have a 2 minute rally
  • Deployment Speed – 100%
  • Gathering speed – 100%
  • Individual Attack boosts for Infantry/Tactical/Armored Vehicles – 400%


The Mod Sets

There is currently 13 released Mod Sets all detailed below.

mod set - Armored & Tactical

Armored Vehicle Mod Set – 50% Armored Vehicle Attack

Armored Mod + Intimidation Mod + Armored Operations Mod + Huron Mod (Special)

Tactical Mod Set – 50% Tactical Attack 

Tactical Mod + Destruction Mod + Barrage Mod + Combat Tactical Mod (Special)

mod set - infantry

Infantry Mod Set – 50% Infantry Attack

Infantry Mod + Tribute Mod + Ambush Mod + Combat Infantry Mod (Special)

mod set - research and construction

Scientist’s Research Mod Set – 32.50% Research Speed

Knowledge Mod + Genius Mod + Test Tube Mod + Intelligence Mod (Special)

Architect’s Construction Mod Set – 25% Construction Speed

Builder’s Mod + Masonry Mod + Engineer’s Mod + War Room Mod (Special)

mod set - training & Rebel

General’s Training Mod Set – 25% Training Speed

Enlist Mod + Generals Mod + Basic Training Mod + Draft Mod (Special)

Rebel Target Mod Set – 12.50% Commander Attack

High Energy Mod + Energy Mod + Rebel Takedown Mod + Tracker’s Mod (Special)

Mod Set - troop attack & Health

Troop Attack Mod Set – 50% Troop Attack 

Carpet Bomb Mod + Air Raid Mod + Fear Mod + Venom Mod (Special)

Troop Health Mod Set – 50% Troop Health 

Health Mod + Frost Mod + Sinister Mod + Bunker Mod

mod set - defense

Troop Defense Mod Set – 50% Troop Defense

Defense Mod + Tombstone Mod + Reinforcement Mod + Sentinel Mod (Special)

mod set - march & gathering

March Speed Mod Set- 50% March Speed

Wanderer’s Mod + Airborne Attack Mod + Sprinter’s Mod + Bigfoot Mod (Special)

Gather Speed Mod Set – 50% Gather Speed 

Harvester Mod + Atlas Mod + Tiller’s Mod + Crane Lift Mod (Special)

mod set - resource production

Resource Production Mod Set – 40% Resource Production

Food Production Mod + Battery Mod + Resource Production Mod + Industrialist Mod (Special)


You can use the same Mod set combination in each of your 7 pieces of Commander gear provided you have enough of each of the Mods meaning if you used the Troop Attack Mod Set for instance you could gain an additional 350% Troop Attack! equally you can use a mixture of different Mod Sets in your gear to give boosts to a range of stats as well.The Mods and the gear you use must be Legendary (level 6) in order to get the Mod Set Bonuses.

Although the Mod Set Bonus research tree is rather expensive to complete both in resources and speed ups, the combat boosts especially are significant in increasing the strength of your base.

The concept of Mod Set Bonuses takes away a large element of skill from the game as Modding gear is one area a skilled player could previously excel, however with that being said the Bonuses received from using the Mod Sets are significant when fully researched and will help to ensure harder hits are made and increase the size of targets people can attack, equally it will help players to boost their defensive stats in order to protect themselves.

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