Mobile Strike Mini Games

Within the chat feature of the game, there is some hidden mini games that you can play for fun. Enter the following commands into the chat to play the mini games:

  • /roll – to roll a number between 1-100
  • /roll (followed by a number eg 1000) to roll between 1 and the number you chose
  • /dice – roll a dice
  • /rps – play a game of rock-papers-scissors
  • /poker – play a hand of poker
  • /8ball – find out what the 8ball says
  • /me (then type your text) – shows your text in a blue colour font


These mini games are a nice little addition and make for good fun in Alliance or State chats. You could even wager some in game resources on the outcome of one of these mini games to make them more competitive with alliance teammates!!!



2 thoughts on “Mobile Strike Mini Games

  1. I would be interested in seeing data on Pre-Sets based on gear selection (core & prototype). I know it’s an individual preference, but a starting point would help tremendously.

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