Lv60 Divine Conqueror Mods & Plasma Augments

Brand new Plasma Augments have been released

Divine Conqueror Mods have been updated and you can now acquire and use level 60 Divine Conqueror Mods.

New Lv60 Mods

Equipping 7 full lv 60 Divine Conqueror Mods in your gear, will provide the following boosts:

  • Overpowered Attack – 10TT%
  • Corrosive Attack – 25T%
  • Troop and Army Attack – 100TT%
  • Indestructible Defense – 180T%
  • Army Defense – 200T%
  • Enemy Troop Defense – 110T%
  • Rally/Control point Attack – 100TT%
  • Rally/Control point Health – 700TT%
  • Rally Trap Health vs Control point – 350TT%
  • Rally and Troop Combat Shielding for your base – 20TT%
  • Control point and Rally Combat Shielding – 20TT%


Plasma Augments

The Plasma Augments are 4 brand new Augments providing some of the biggest Augment stats available in Mobile Strike.

Equipping the new Plasma Augment set will provide the following boosts:

  • Nuclear Assault – 37.5KT%
  • Army Attack – 350TT%
  • Troop Defense – 300T%
  • Rally/Control point Health – 700TT%
  • Mobile Trap Health – 350TT%



The New level 60 Mods will help Defenders with the large Indestructible Defense stat

The Plasma Augments provide some of the Strongest Augments stats to date, although compared to previous Augment releases, they seem a little mild given the games current stats.

Both of these new features are available via in-game purchase(s)


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