Level 22 Buildings

New Building levels have arrived. It is now possible to upgrade all buildings to level 22. In order to upgrade a building to 22 you have to have that building at 21 first. Like with all previous upgrades, some buildings have certain buildings that are needed to be leveled up before they can be upgraded. The level 22 buildings introduce a new item needed to upgrade: Legendary Hammers for Urban buildings and Legendary Resource Hammers for Rural buildings. Here is a table showing the cost of upgrading each of the new buildings. (please note all resources are shown in millions).

Buildings 22 table

The resources for upgrading all buildings to level 22 are a substantial jump up from upgrading to level 21. The total to upgrade one of each building to 22 is 3.725 Billion of each resource. (except coin). It requires 27400 legendary hammers and 1800 legendary resource hammers. The hammers can be found in game events and pack purchases.

The new upgrades provide some improved benefits to each of the Urban buildings, some notable benefits include Research Facility level 22 only researches, a 500k War Rally Capacity increase in the War Room, a 100k Deployment size increase and extra Deployment slot in the Headquarters and the Deface Captured Enemy’s profile image in the Prison which makes it easy to identify when an enemy is Commander less.

All of the rural buildings get the production increase per hour doubled. This allows for substantially faster resource production and means your Base can produce twice as much resources per day than at level 21, perfect for if you are Hyper resourcing.

Whilst the cost of upgrading to 22 is expensive, if you can afford to then you should upgrade your buildings to get the additional benefits in order to make your base stronger.

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