Grand Guardian 2017 gear set

The Grand Guardian 2017 gear is a regular gear set in Mobile Strike

It is the Mid range strength gear set of 3 Guardian 2017 gear sets released. It is the Third time that a gear set has been released with 3 variations each increasing in strength of the stats it gives.

The Grand Guardian 2017 gear is primarily a Defense gear set and is advertised as giving 17,000% Troop Defense with fully enhanced full set (7) bonus and max set gear leveling.

This gear is Commander level 50 meaning you need a Commander at level 50 or higher to wear and use this gear.

Gear from all 3 of the gear sets in the Guardian 2017 series (Ultimate Grand Guardian 2017/Grand Guardian 2107/Guardian 2017) can be acquired from 2017 Guardian Mystery Crates which are found in selected in-game pack purchases and certain in-game challenges. Currently only the Guardian 2017 full gear set can also be acquired via selected in-game purchases.

The New gear

Here is the new Grand Guardian 2017 gear. Please note the stats are for all troop types (regular, advanced and mercenary)

Grand Guardian Helmet (Helmet) – Upkeep reduction 50%, Troop Defense 1700%, Troop Health 1700%

Grand Guardian Armor (Armor) – Troop Defense 1900%, Troop Health 1900%

Grand Guardian Pants (Footwear) – Troop Defense 1700%, Troop Health 1700%

Grand Guardian Auto Shotgun (Weapon) – Troop Defense 1800%, Troop Health 1800%

Grand Guardian Grenade (Accessory) – Troop Defense 1300%, Troop Health 1300%


Set Bonus

The set bonus on the Grand Guardian 2017 gear is (Please note the stats are for all troop types (regular, advanced and mercenary) :

Base bonus (5) – 200% March Return Speed bonus

Full bonus (7) – 600% Troop Health, 600% Troop Defense

Grand guardian 2017 set bonus

How to Mod

(Please note: Modding advice is correct at the time of writing this)

As the Grand Guardian 2017 gear is primarily a Defense based set, you want to Mod it for Troop Defense as a result. The current ideal way to Mod it would be the Defense Master Mod set. The Protector Defense Mod set is the ideal secondary way to Mod, Both sets will work very well in the Grand Guardian 2017 gear. The Winter Guardian Mod set would be an alternative for players than don’t have enough of the aforementioned sets. If you don’t have the required Mod set research complete then an example way to Mod for pure Troop Defense would be:

  • Defense Mod -25% Troop Defense
  • Tombstone Mod – 25% Troop Defense
  • Eclipse Mod – 25% Troop Defense
  • Sentinel Mod (special) – 25% Troop Defense



This gear set is the 2nd current strongest Troop Defense gear in Mobile Strike behind the Ultimate Grand Guardian 2017 set. As such its a solid option to be worn when offline, and by players looking to take hits on their base.

The Troop Health is high on this gear set which makes it an option for wearing if using on a tile as well as to wear when defending your base.

The 50% Upkeep reduction Helmet means that with a 50% upkeep reduction item you can remain food positive all the time whilst wearing this gear.

For players that have some but not all of the strongest Ultimate Grand Guardian 2017 set, they could mix and match with some of the pieces from the Grand Guardian and Guardian 2017 sets. You will lose the set bonus, but the increased stats on the pieces in the Ultimate Grand Guardian set can make it worth it.


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