Divine Prime Serum Bundle and Bounty Squad Avatars

A brand new Serum Bundle and a Brand new Avatar collection have been released.

Both of these new releases provide huge combat stats to both enhance your Defense and to give more power when hitting other players.

Divine Prime Serum Bundle

The latest Serum bundle to be released is the Divine Prime Serum bundle.

Crafting this new Serum will provide the following boosts:

  • Army Attack – 10TT%
  • Corrosive Attack – 15T%
  • Type Armor Piercing – 15T%
  • Troop Defense – 20T%
  • Rally and Control Point Health – 30TT%
  • Mobile Trap Health – 10TT%


The Bounty Squad Avatar Collection

The Bounty Squad Avatar collection is the latest set of Avatars released to give you more ways to customise your in game hat appearance.

This new Avatar collection also features huge combat stats, the stats it gives for completing the set are as follows;

  • Type Attack – 12TT%
  • Type Armor Piercing – 10T%
  • Army Defense – 20T%
  • Rally and Control Point Health – 36TT%
  • Mobile Trap Health – 12TT%


Both of these releases are easy ways to add important combat stats to your base, with the Avatar collection being especially useful as its undetectable to any potentially Attacker scouting you to see how strong your base is for a potential hit

Neither of these two releases feature the key Indestructible Defense stat

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