Divine Green Mamba Augment set

A brand new Augment set has been released.

The Divine Green Mamba Augment set provides huge Troop Attack stats, including the new Corrosive Attack stat as well as Defense that includes the new Indestructible Defense stat and Rally/Control Point Health.

Stats on the new Green Mamba Augment set

Here is the advertised stats for the full Green Mamba Augment set:

  • Overpowered Attack – 2.5 Trillion%
  • Troop Attack – 15 Trillion%
  • Rally/Control Point Attack – 5 Trillion%
  • Corrosive Attack – 33 Million%
  • Troop Armor Piercing – 55 Million%
  • Indestructible Defense – 624 Million%
  • Troop Defense – 189 Million%
  • Rally/Control Point Mobile Trap Health – 25 Trillion%
  • Rally/Control Point Health – 50 Trillion%


The Massive Attack and Rally Attack in this Augment set makes it a good option to be used for players looking to be offensive.




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