Control Point insignia II

A brand new Control Point Insignia II has been released

The Control Point Insignia II is an Insignia that gives both Control Point Attack and Health bonuses as well as Rally Attack and Health bonuses if the Commander is present.

The duration is 1 hour and the cooldown is 1 hour at level 6

Insignia Benefits

The benefits this Insignia gives are as follows at level 6:

  • Control Point Attack bonus – 50,000%
  • Control Point Health bonus – 50,000%
  • Rally Attack bonus – 50,000%
  • Rally Health bonus – 50,000%


The Control Point Insignia is ideal for using when battling for the Control Point either holding it or attempting to take it.

The 50,000% Rally Attack also makes it a viable Insignia to use when hitting player bases

This is the third Insignia released to give a heavy focus on Control Point fighting after the Control Point insignia and the Control Point Sentry Insignia


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