Commander Levels 71-75

Commander levels 71-75 have been released

These new levels allow you to increase your Combat strength through your Commander and therefore increase the power and effectiveness of your Base.

These new levels introduce a whole new range of Commander skill points to both increase your power in combat and improve your growth.

Requirements for the new Levels

Commander levels 71-75 require a larger amount of Commander XP than previous levels and a new item called a Heroic Commendation. The original Commendations are no longer required to level up to these new levels.

commander 71-75

The total XP required for Commander 71-75 is 9 Trillion. The total number of Heroic Commendations 2,600,000

Since Heroic Commendations are a new item, the cost of getting to Commander 75 is rather expensive, at least initially. They are predominantly found in selected in-game purchases although some in-game events may have a small number of Heroic Commendations which can be won.

New Commander Skill points

Commander levels 71-75 introduce a new selection of Commander skill points to enhance your base.

There is 3 new skills for level 71:  

  • Troop Defense VI – 2500%
  • Attack vs Battle Marked Target – 10,000%
  • Commander Production Support – unlocks the production support on your alliance teammates and increases the Commander production support bonus

There is 3 new skills for level 72:

  • Embassy Defense – 2500%
  • Troop Attack and Accuracy – 20,000% Troop Attack, 2000% Accuracy
  • Mobile Ops Ordinance Damage Support – Unlocks Ordinance Damage support for alliance teammates and increases Mobile Ops Ordnance Damage support bonus

There is 3 new skills for level 73:

  • Troop Health V – 3000%
  • Troop Attack and Armor Piercing – 20,000% Troop Attack, 2000% Armor Piercing
  • Support Friend Multiplier – Doubles the Support you grant to alliance members

There is 3 new skills for level 74:

  • Troop Attack vs Base – 100,000%
  • Troop Accuracy – 3000%
  • Serum High Range Boost – Increase the high range of Serums created

There is 3 new skills for level 75:

  • Rally and Control Point Attack, Defense and Health – 150,000% Attack, 200,000% Health, 100,000% Defense
  • Troop Armor Piercing – 6000%
  • Support Self Multiplier – Doubles the amount of support you get from alliance members


This batch of new Commander levels features a huge jump in Troop Attack with an additional 300,000% possible over several different skills combined.

Armor Piercing and Accuracy stats also get a large boost which is ideal for rally leads looking to hit player Bases. Players that play on the Defense and take hits will now really need to increase their Troop Defense and Health stats to ensure they don’t get zeroed out

The Serum high range boost allows for more Powerful Serums to be crafted which in turn provides better quality of stats per Serum created.

The Troop Defense at Commander level 71 is ideal for Trap Accounts, providing up to 2500% Troop Defense.

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