Commander Levels 51-55

After the initial 50 Commander levels achievable, the game released Commander levels 51-55. These levels require substantially more Commander XP as well as some of these levels requiring a new item called a “Commendation” which is available via in game purchase(s)

  • Commander 51 unlocks the Troop load skill in the commander skill tree
  • Commander 53 unlocks the Troop Queue skill in the Commander skill tree
  • Commander 55 unlocks the Rally Attack Bonus skill in the Commander skill tree

The Total  Commander Level-Up Power with Commander 55 is: 10,760,452

The requirements for each of the new Commander levels is as follows:
Commander Level Commander XP required Commendations Required
Commander 51 500 Million 1
Commander 52 1 Billion 0
Commander 53 1.5 Billion 5
Commander 54 2.5 Billion 0
Commander 55 5 Billion 15


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