Collectibles was a feature brought out around the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Collectibles are exclusive items that you can earn in game and redeem for specific rewards. They come in 6 levels and lower levels can be combined in the Armory once you have 4 of a specific collectible at the same level.

There is 7 different collectibles each giving different rewards. It is advised to combine all your collectibles and wait until they are level 6 before redeeming them to get the best rewards. You can redeem the Collectibles for rewards in the Armory building > Collectibles > Exchange section.

The Collectibles

Bronze Medal Collectible – Food

The Bronze medal Collectible gives food as its reward.

Lv1 – 100,000 Food

Lv2 – 500,000 Food

Lv3 – 2-4 mil Food

Lv4 – 16-25 mil Food

Lv5 – 100-200 mil Food

Lv6 – 800mil-1Bil Food

Championship Collectible  Special Mods 

Each level gives either a Draft, Super Solider, Architect, War Room or Exponential (Special Mods) in the respective levels (1-6)

Construction Collectible – Used to Upgrade buildings 

Lv1 – 1-5 Building Moves

Lv2 – 100,000 Stone or 8 Hour Construction speed up

Lv3 – 500,000 Stone or 2 Day Construction speed up

Lv4 – 5 Million Stone or 10 Day Construction speed up

Lv5 – 50 Legendary Resource Hammers

Lv6 – 50 Legendary Hammers

Globe Collectible – Mods

Each level gives either an Enlist, Test Tube, Masonry, Training Room or Multiply Mod in the respective level (1-6)

Gold Medal Collectible – Gold

Lv 1 – 200 Gold

Lv2 – 1000 Gold

Lv3 – 4000 Gold

Lv4 – 16k-25k Gold

Lv5 – 100k-200k Gold

Lv6 – 800k-1mil Gold

Silver Medal Collectible – Coin 

Lv1 – 100k Coin

Lv2 – 500k Coin

Lv3 – 2-4 mil Coin

Lv4 – 16-25mil Coin

Lv5 – 100-200mil Coin

Lv6 – 800mil-1bil Coin

Torch Collectible

Lv1 – 8 Hour speed up

Lv2 – 2 Day speed up

Lv3 – 10-25 Days speed ups

Lv4 – 120-200 Days speed ups

Lv5 – 800-1000 Days speed ups

Lv 6 – 4000-5000 Days speed ups


Some of the Collectibles are better in terms of rewards than others. The Torch Collectible is especially useful. Combining to level 6 will give much better payouts, however some of the Collectibles are difficult to acquire now so settling for lower levels may have to be an option. Collectibles are acquired through in game purchases and game events such as extreme challenges.


There is also a Rebel Target Collectible. This is acquired from hitting high leveled rebels (level 5 etc) This collectible can be exchanged for a Rebel Mystery Crate in the respective level (1-6). The crate is found in Items> My Items> Crates, and contains a small amount of resources or speed ups.

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