Bullet Storm gear (Troop Attack)

The brand new Bullet Storm regular gear is here.

This gear is a Troop Attack gear set with solid Troop Health. It is advertised as having 4500% Attack and 3400% Health.

This gear is Commander level 50 meaning you need a Commander at level 50 or higher to wear and use this gear.

The New gear

Here is the new Bullet Storm gear. Please note the stats are for all troop types (regular, advanced and mercenary)

Bullet Storm ACR (Weapon) – 320% Troop Attack, 333% Troop Health

Bullet Storm Visor (Helmet) – 450% Troop Attack, 335% Troop Health, 50% Upkeep Reduction

Bullet Storm Guard (Armor) – 350% Troop Attack, 336% Troop Health

Bullet Storm Protectors (Footwear) – 335% Troop Attack, 328% Troop Health

Bullet Storm Laser Mine (Accessory) – 420% Troop Attack, 433% Troop Health


Boosting this gear with a maxed Combat Lab (level 22) will give 1050% Attack & 350% Health

Set Bonus

The set bonus on the Bullet Storm gear is:

Base bonus (5) – 150% Troop Attack

Full bonus (7) – 300% Troop Attack

The combined Specialized set bonus (5+7) is 400% Health

Bullet storm set bonus


How to Mod

(please note all Modding advice is correct at the time of writing this)

The Bullet Storm set is a Troop Attack set with solid Health. As a result there is two ideal ways to Mod this. This gear can be used to either hit a players base, or fight at the Control Point.

If your using it to Attack a players base, the ideal way to Mod is the New Years Troop Attack Mod set. A secondary option would be the Anniversary Troop Attack Mod set.

If your using it to fight at the Control point, an ideal way to Mod is the Artic Mod set to boost both Attack and Health which are key in Comtrol Point Battles. The Holiday Mod set would be a back up option. Some players may also prefer to go pure Attack in the Control Point in which case New Years Troop Attack Mod set would give the most Attack.

If you don’t have the Mod set research complete an ideal way to Mod all Troop Attack is:

  • Fear Mod – 25% Troop Attack
  • Scythe Mod – 25% Troop Attack
  • Rocket Mod – 25% Troop Attack
  • Fang Mod (special) – 25% Troop Attack


Thoughts on the Gear

The Bullet Storm gear looks very solid regular gear. It is currently the strongest Attack based regular gear in the game.

It is the number one gear for fighting at the Control Point, taking over from the Solo Assassin Gear. As a result, anyone wanting to take the control point and hold it will need to invest in this gear.

The high Troop health in the gear will help both in the Control Point and also with increasing the chances of some troops returning in rallies vs players with small troop counts. Vs larger troop counts its inevitable that no troops return home.

The 59% Upkeep Reduction on this gear means that if you use a 50% upkeep reduction item you will always be food positive when wearing this gear.

This gear will benefit most when it is fully enhanced from the Combat Lab.

The stats advertised on this set, are stronger than some of the initial Core sets released which gives an indication of he strength of this gear.

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  1. Do these boosts only apply when defending your base and when you attack with your commander? If not sending a commander, do the boosts still help my troops?

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