Building Development Research Tree

A brand new research tree has been released today in Mobile Strike: the Building Development tree. The focus of this research is to provide further benefits to the majority of the buildings in your base.

The Research requires both Research Files and the newly released Building Development Restricted Files specifically for this research tree. Like with all other Research, using the Atom Splitter weapon will significantly reduce the number of files needed so it becomes a must have weapon when researching.

Overview of each Research Benefit

So what are the benefits of each research in the tree. Here we highlight each of the researches and their benefits. note these benefits are when each research is at its maxed stage (10/10)

  • Rural Buildings – The production and capacity for each resource producing building by 50%(Iron mine, Quarry, Oil well, Farm, Bank)
  • Warehouse Capacity – Increases the Warehouse capacity by 5000%
  • Trading Post Capacity – Increases the amount of resources you can send via the Trading post by 8,000,000
  • Trading Post help tax – Reduces Trading post Tax by 1%
  • Hall of Heroes Experience – Increases the Hall of Heroes experience modifier by 165%
  • Wall Trap Attack & Defense – Increases both Wall Trap Attack and Defense by 200%
  • Wall Trap Capacity – Increases Wall Trap capacity by 275,000
  • Radar Station Attack penalty – Increases your Radar Station Attack penalty by 25%
  • Embassy Defense – Increases your Embassy Defense for reinforcing troops by 25%
  • Hospital Healing speed & capacity – Increases your Hospital healing speed & capacity by 200%
  • Armory core duration – Increases your armory’s core duration by 10%
  • Research speed – Increases your Research speed by 40%
  • 2nd Insignia Slot – Unlocks a second Insignia slot in your Monument
  • Vault Deposit and Interest rate – Increases Vault deposit by 5000 and interest rate by 7%
  • Troop Academy conversion capacity & speed – Increases your Troop Academy conversion capacity and speed by 200%
  • Combat Lab efficiency – Increases your Combat Lab efficiency by 10%
  • Death Row Attack – Increases your Death Row Attack by 250%
  • Death Row Health – Increases your Death Row Health by 150%
  • Death Row Defense – Increases your Death Row Defense by 200%
  • Prison captured Commander Bonus – Increases your Prison’s captured Commander Bonus by 200%
  • Prison Bonus for multiple captured Commanders – Increases your Prison Bonus for multiple captured Commanders by 3
  • Troop Defense – Increases your Troop Defense by 300%
  • Troop Health – Increases your Troop Health by 300%
  • Troop Attack – Increases your Troop Attack by 500%

There is 29 Researches in this tree with 1 additional research currently locked. Each of the Researches has 10 levels to complete except the 2nd Insignia slot.

The Tree has some very useful boosts especially for Combat, with the Attack stat getting another significant boost. The ability to get a second Insignia unlock slot is another versatile way to strengthen your base. For Trap accounts the Hospital Capacity increase is especially useful although the cost and power increase to get there might be a deterrent.

Both Holding and Eliminating Commanders becomes a lot more rewarding with the Death Row and Prison researches with the multiple captured Commander bonus in particular allowing you to stack boosts for holding 3 heroes now rather than just 1.

The research tree as a whole looks like it will be expensive to complete especially in resources with the first researches in the tree starting at approximately 50 million each resource, but for those players that can afford it it will make your base significantly stronger for completing it.

There is one Research currently locked. Just by looking at the locked image it appears as if the research could be something to do with either the Memorial (for eliminated Commanders) or the Global Control point. This is of course just speculation and will be revealed once it becomes unlocked.

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