Biotech Lab

The Biotech Lab is a new building in Mobile Strike

It is the equivalent to the Alchemy Lab from Game of War.

The Biotech lab currently has 20 levels it can be upgraded to. In order to unlock the building you will need a Biotech Lab blueprint which can be found in selected in-game purchases. In order to upgrade the levels on the Biotech building you will need Biotech Lab Chemical Silo items which are again found in pack purchases.

At level 20 you will need Biotech Lab Centrifuge items to unlock future levels once they become available.

Biotech lab


How the Biotech Lab works

The Biotech Lab works in a very similar way to crafting Cores. You have Test tubes which are the Core equivalent and Ingredients which are the attachment equivalent. You select one Test tube and then add up to 6 ingredients depending on the level of your Biotech Lab building.

Once you have selected the Test tube and up to 6 ingredients you manufacture to form a Serum which is the end product. This Serum can then be equipped to give you the combat stat bonuses and has a duration of 30 days.

Leveling up the Biotech Lab increases the minimum and maximum Serum range boost which results in getting better stats from a manufactured Serum.

Extra ingredient slots are available at the following levels:

  • 1st ingredient slot – level 1
  • 2nd ingredient slot – level 8
  • 3rd ingredient slot – level 10
  • 4th ingredient slot – level 12
  • 5th ingredient slot – level 15
  • 6th ingredient slot – level 20

Biotech levels


Test tubes and Ingredients

Currently there is only one test tube available and 8 different ingredients. Here is an overview of all currently available: (Note all stats are for all troop types; regular, advanced and mercenary)

Test Tube 

Crystal – Troop Attack 91-100%, Troop Health 114-125%


Flame Canister – 364-400% Troop Attack, 455-501% Troop Health

Liquid Crystal Resin – 364-400% Rally Attack, 364-400% Control point Attack

Manganese – 364-400% Base Troop Attack

Nitroglycerin – 727% Troop Health, 91-100% Troop Defense

Control Solution – 136-150% Infantry Attack, 227-250% Troop Attack

Oxygen Tank – 136-150% Armored Vehicle Attack, 227-250% Troop Attack

Petrol Fuel Cell – 136-150% Tactical Attack, 227-250% Troop Attack

Plastic – 364-400% Infantry Attack, 364-400% Tactical Attack, 364-400% Armored Vehicle Attack

Biotech ingredients


Thoughts on the Biotech Lab

The Biotech Lab is an excellent way to enhance your combat stats.

Ingredients for the Biotech Lab come from pack purchases so its ideal to level the building up to at least level 15 to get 5 ingredient slots, but ideally level 20 to get 6 ingredient slots before crafting a Serum. the minimum and maximum range boosts will make a huge difference to the end results of the stats on a Serum.

The duration of a manufactured Serum is 30 days, this gives excellent value per Serum manufactured especially for players who fight on a daily basis.

The majority of the ingredients are focused on Attack and Health, with only one; the Nitroglycerin having any Troop Defense boost. It would of been nice to see a few more ingredients giving Troop Defense boosts for players who like to play Defensively/as “trap accounts”

The ingredients you select to form your Serum will depend on your play style, for example if you do a lot of base Attacking then you’ll want to use an ingredient like Manganese which gives base Troop Attack whereas if you do lots of Control point fighting you’ll want to select ingredients like the Liquid Crystal Resin for the Control Point Attack stat it gives.



Have you found a particular combination of ingredients you find works best, feel free to leave a comment below with you thoughts on the Biotech Lab and your favorite ingredients!

2 thoughts on “Biotech Lab

  1. What are the ingredients for the Y-12a attack serum, I got them in a pack and it doesn’t say which ones are for it

    1. here you go

      I added: test tube, electromagnet, silicon, sterilizer, syringe needle, shatter proof lens and duct tape. Im more def and filling rallies then leading. So i excluded steel wire / wire cutters that have rally/cp boosts on them.

      Boosts are as follow:

      Infatry attack 444% Health 290% Def 454%
      Adv Inf attack 566% Health 353% Def 442%
      Merc Inf Attack 553% Health 370% Def 390%

      Tactical Attack 708% Health 337% Def 457.96%
      Adv Tact Attack 542% Health 415% Def 460%
      Merc Tact Attack 640% Health 342% Def 457%

      Armored Attack 472% Health 338% Def 327%
      Adv Arm Attack 472% Health 290% Def 404%
      Merc Arm Attack 446% Health 326% Def 473%

      Troop Attack bonus 1953%
      Adv Troop Att Bonus 2135%
      Merc Troop Att Bonus 2164%

      Base Troop Attack 708%
      Troop Health bonus 1998%
      Adv Troop Health 1801%
      Merc Troop Health 1818%

      Rally Health Bonus 870%
      Troop Def Bonus 1138%
      Adv Troop Def 1084%
      Merc Troop Def 1008%

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