Battle Tested Teleports

Battle Tested Teleports are here!

Using one of these special teleports you are now able to port into other Battle Tested states either temporarily or permanently.

These battle Tested teleports are available in selected in game purchases and there is two types of port:

  • Battle Tested Teleport – lets you pick any other Battle Tested state to move to indefinitely
  • Battle Tested Home Port – Will port you back to the original State you came from

Battle Tested teleport pack


Benefits of Battle State Teleports

The Battle State teleports have several advantages. They are ideal if

  • Your current state has become a bit dead and inactivate especially if your a player that enjoys doing lots of fighting
  • You have friends in other states that you want to play with but couldn’t previously
  • You don’t like the people in your state and want a fresh start without having to make a brand new account

Thoughts on the Battle Tested Teleports

The Battle Tested teleports will give players more freedom to move actively around states to where the most action is.

These teleports will allow especially the rich players to group together and go round states forming “hit squads” to rally players.

States with high level of activity will quickly become more populated, whilst lower activity states will become more sparsly populated as players port out.

Control points could be more challenging to close out, especially if teams port into a state to make a challenge for one.

The cost of a port is very expensive as currently they are only found in the premium $100 packs. This means that not everyone will be able to get one.

Battle Tested teleport





Battle Tested states can be identified by going to the world state map to view all States. States listed as “Battke Tested State” are eligible to be ported into, States listed as “protected State” are currently not.


New Exploration challenges are advertised as giving “KILLER” rewards for completing when you teleport to a new state.


Which State will you port to?!


9 thoughts on “Battle Tested Teleports

  1. If I use a battle tested teleport to leave my home state to go to a battle tested state and I find a alliance in the battle tested state that I want to join can I leave my alliance from my home state and then join a alliance in the battle tested state?

    1. Yes you can, once you use a battle Tested teleport, that new state becomes your home until you decide to leave it, usingeither another battle Tested teleport or a home state battle Tested teleport. You are free to join a new alliance you wish as you would do in your original state

  2. Such a rip off ! Why should we pay to go to another state , if we don’t like it we should have a free teleport ! It’s disgusting this game , you have to pay just to move !

    1. I agree MS is money grabbing ONLY, doing nothing to REPAIR and IMPROVE the game. Plus, they are completely incompetent, absolutely lazy in response, blatantly ignorant ! Pay to get to move my hard work ? Fuck you Mobile Strike !

  3. How do I get a battle tested transport. I here you log out for about 3 days then log back in. And you get one for free.
    It’s not working for me but it’s working for others. Do I have to purchase something first before this will work. Paying upto 100 bucks is way out of my pocket.

  4. My alliance is now scattered all over, thanks to merge weekend, and most of us don’t have battle tested transports. The greedy MS have reached a new low.

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