Battle Marks

The Battle Mark feature allows you to track an enemy target. The feature is unlocked via in game purchase(s) and has several “Modes”

battle mark upgrades

The Basic Battle Mark Feature will allow you to mark a target and it will tell you whether a Commander is present or not, whether a target has ported or not and whether a target has shielded or not. There is upgraded modes you can purchase too:-

  • The 8 Hour Battle Mark Peace shield upgrade  reveals additional information on a target is they have shielded and gives an approximation about the peace shield duration.
  • The 8 Hour Battle Mark Teleport upgrade reveals additional information on a target’s location if they teleport whilst marked.

Each player with the Battle Mark feature unlocked can Mark up to two targets at any one time. A target that has been marked will glow red to the alliance that has marked them but no one else including the target will be able to see the Battle Mark.

battle mark red target

A battle Mark on a target lasts for 40 minutes, and after a 5 minute timer can be removed. A target can also be refreshed after a 10 minute timer has expired to allow for maintained tracking. All members of your alliance can see your marked target in the Alliance> Battle Mark section. Comments can be added to a marked target detailing anything of note/ reason for marking etc so all your alliance members can easily see. If for whatever reason you are removed from your alliance your Battle Marks will be retained by your former alliance.

battle mark information screen

It is worth noting that players attacking a base with a Battle Mark active gain a 10% Troop Attack bonus. For this reason its advised that you or your alliance mark every target before hitting to increase the power you hit them with!!

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