4 Million Troop rallies!!

4 Million troop rallies are now possible in Mobile Strike!

For accounts that have a fully completed battle tactics research tree, there is two new items been released that mean you can now have a 4 million troop rally size.

Both of these new items can be found via selected in-game purchases.

The New Items

100% Deployment size increase 


100% deployment size









500k War Rally Capacity increase

500k rally deployment size










These new items mean the maximum Rally size possible is now 4 million troops.

The maximum Solo size possible is now 800k troop. This requires a Headquarters lv 22 and the 100% deployment item.


The new items will make hits much stronger. The jump from 3.3 million rallies to 4 million rallies is a significant one especially when the strongest cores are used with Attack around/over 20k.

Rally traps will have to account for this increase in potential attack in order to prevent large amounts of troops from being lost when attacked.

The New rally and solo sizes should increase the size of targets people can hit, potentially making kill events and inner kingdom action more active which is what the game needs.

The new rally size combined with pure t5 troops will make for the strongest hits in most instances, although at this point in the game, t5 troops are still very expensive to train.


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