Winter Stalker Core Set (Tactical)

The Winter Stalker Core set is the 5th recipe perfect EW Core set released in Mobile Strike.

It is a Tactical based Core set advertised as giving over 9000% Attack. This is a size-able jump from the previously released Shadow Storm Core set.

The Cores

Here are the Cores for the Set:

Winter Stalker Sniper (Weapon) – 773% Attack & 103% Health

Winter Stalker Visor (Helmet) – 762% Attack & 103% Health

Winter Stalker Armor (Armor) – 724% Attack & 110% Health

Winter Stalker Snow Shoes (Footwear) – 649% Attack & 96% Health

Winter Stalker Rucksack (Accessory) – 786% Attack & 97% Health

Winter Stalker active


The Recipe

Like All previous EW Core sets, The Winter Stalker Core set is a recipe perfect set. Following the Recipe perfectly will give you the “hidden” stats that form this set. Like the previous sets, the recipe is very simple and only features 6 attachments. All 6 attachments are used in each of the Cores. Using all 6 attachments in each of the cores will make the set “recipe perfect” and get all the set bonus.

Each of the Cores requires the following Attachments:

  • Freeze Proof bag
  • Rucksack Weight
  • Snow Lens
  • Frozen Chains
  • White Lace
  • Silencer


Set Bonus

The Set Bonus for the Winter Stalker Core set is:

Base bonus (5) – 100% Attack for Regular, Advanced and Mercenary Troops

Full bonus (7) – 200% Attack for Regular, Advanced and Mercenary Troops

The Combined specialized set Bonus gives Troop Health of 250%. The set bonus on this Core set is an increase from the Shadow Storm set. The bonuses are nice, although it would be good to see the specialized set bonuses giving Attack as well rather than just Health as troop counts are getting large enough with most players now that no troops survive when rallying someone. Therefore having additional Attack would help to increase the power of hits rather than Health which helps to improve surivability rates.

Winter Stalker set bonus



(Please note: All Modding advice is accurate at the time of writing)

As this is a Tactical based attack Set you want to Mod it for Tactical Attack/Troop Attack to get the most potential from the set. If you have the Mod Set research complete then the current strongest way to Mod it is the New years Troop Attack Mod set. Currently the best Pure Tactical Mod set would be the Annihilation Mod set which would give 1400% Tactical/Troop Attack. A secondary option to Mod it would be the Anniversary Troop Attack Mod set. If you Wanted a bit more Troop Health with only a small Drop in Attack you could Mod it using the Arctic Mod set.

If you don’t have the Mod Set research complete then an example ideal way to Mod this Set would be:

  • Tactical Mod – Tactical Attack (25%)
  • Headshot Mod – Tactical Attack (25%)
  • Fear Mod – Troop Attack (25%)
  • Combat Tactical Mod (Special) – Tactical Attack (25%)/Annihilator’s Mod (Special)- Tactical Attack (25%)/Deployment Speed (12.5%)

Alternative Mods

  • Scythe Mod – Troop Attack (25%)
  • Boom Mod – Troop Attack (25%)
  • Fang Mod (Special) – Troop Attack (25%)/Venom Mod (Special) – Troop Attack (25%)/Deployment Speed (12.5%)
  • Carpet Bomb Mod – Troop Attack (25%)


Boosting this Core set to +7 in your Combat Lab will provide 2100% Attack and yield the best results when out hitting players bases.

This new Core set is the biggest increase in Attack from any previous Core and looks to be extremely powerful at first glance.

Using the Winter Stalker Core with the newly released Obliteration Insignia and Commander Troop Attack Insignia II will maximize the Attack currently available from your Monument building.


3 thoughts on “Winter Stalker Core Set (Tactical)

    1. Core gear always has a timer. The gear is more powerful than regular gear but the catch is it’s on a timer and expires at the end of the timer. The second you equip a core(s) the timer starts and runs until it hits 0. The timer does not stop if you unequip the core(s). There is no way to remove this timer, although crafting cores with the refiner gear set will increase there duration a little bit

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