Winter Guardian Gear (Defensive)

The Winter Guardian gear set is a defensive based gear set the also offers strong Troop Health and good Troop Attack

The Winter Guardian set is advertised as having “over 1600% Attack, 1500% Health and 1800% Defense.

It is Commander level 50 Gear meaning you need to have your Commander at level 50 before you can wear it and activate the benefits of the Gear

The Winter Guardian set gives individual Troop Health, Troop Attack and Troop Defense. The Individual Troop Health for each Infantry, Tactical and Armored Troops on the 7 strongest pieces of gear in the set is 1325%. The Troop Attack is 855%. The Troop Defense is 1625%.  (Gear with the winter accessories rather than original accessories)

Winter guardian


Set Bonus

The set bonus on this set is:

Base Bonus (5) – Troop Health (for all troop types) – 75%, Troop Attack (for all troop types) – 50%

Full Bonus (7) – Troop Health (for all troop types) – 150%, Troop Attack (for all troop types) – 100%

The Amount of set bonus you receive depends on how complete your set bonus research tree is. Skilling the base and full set bonus will also provide you with an additional boost once your research is complete.

Winter guardian set bonus








The specialized 5 and 7 set bonus gives Troop Defense.

Winter guardian specialised set bonus



How to Mod

(Please note: Modding advice is correct at the time of writing this)

As the Winter Guardian set is a primarily Defensive based set you want to Mod it accordingly. How you Mod it depends on your Troop Count. If your Troop Count is Low you want to Mod it for Troop Health, if your Troop Count is High you want to Mod it for Troop Defense.

A “low” Troop Count would be anything sub 50 million Troops as a rough guide. after this point Defense starts becoming more important.

For a “low” Troop count

The Halloween Troop Health Mod set is the ideal way to Mod. The Troop Health Mod set would be a secondary option. If you don’t have the required Mod set research complete then an example ideal way to Mod for pure Troop Health would be:

  • Health Mod – 25% Troop Health
  • Stimpack Mod – 25% Troop Health
  • Sinister Mod – 25% Troop Health
  • Toxic Mod (special) – 25% Troop Health

If you need more Troop Attack to kill the attacking march switch out for TroopAttack/Troop Health combination Mods such as the Poison Mod or the Sabotage Mod.

For a “High” Troop Count

The Winter Defense Mod set is the ideal way to Mod, The Halloween Troop Defense Mod set is an ideal secondary way to Mod. Both sets will work very well in the Winter Guardian gear. The Troop Defense Mod set would be an alternative for players than don’t have enough of the aforementioned sets. If you don’t have the required Mod set research complete then an example way to Mod for pure Troop Defense would be:

  • Defense Mod -25% Troop Defense
  • Tombstone Mod – 25% Troop Defense
  • Eclipse Mod – 25% Troop Defense
  • Sentinel Mod (special) – 25% Troop Defense

If your army size is in between “low” and “high” (between 50-100 million as a rough guide) you might want to add a few Troop Defense/Troop Health combination Mods in which case you could substitute in Mods such as Frost Mod or the Acid Mod.


Thoughts on the gear

This gear has taken over from the Hammerhead gear set as becoming the strongest pure Troop Defense gear currently in the game. It has substantial Health and enough Attack to make sure your able to kill a full deployment/rally if your attacked.

The specialized set bonus is very nice, giving out Troop Defense for both the 5 and 7 set bonuses. If rolled enough to get a high enough boost this extra Defense can make the difference between burning or capping.

This gear is ideal to wear when taking rallies or when going offline both shielded and unshielded.

The 50% Upkeep reduction Helmet means that with a 50% upkeep reduction item you can remain food positive all the time whilst wearing this gear. The gear has been enhanced from when it was first released with the introduction of the winter accessories providing greater stats than the original accessories in the set.

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