VIP Prestige 8

VIP Prestige 8 requires a token or 10k gold to unlock. It maintains all of the benefits of VIP prestige 7 however the jump in boosts this time is significantly more than any previous VIP prestige. Previous levels typically saw stats increase by 3% with each new prestige. Prestige 8 sees all stats make much more significant increases. The biggest of these is the Troop Attack, Troop Health and Troop Defense which all rise to 80% at level 10, an increase of 35% (Attack) and 40% (Defense and Health) from Prestige 7. VIP prestige 8 has several notable Big benefits. These are:

  • Permanent VIP – Your VIP will always be active once you reach level 10
  • One Commander preset – One Preset to allow you to set up and configure a Commander gear set up to develop your base or use in combat
  • Free Commander preset Equips – This allows you to activate your presets for free without having to use an “Equip Commander preset item” or use gold.
  • Autocomplete Alliance helps – This gives 16 automatic alliance helps

VIP Prestige 8 requires 1.25 Billion points to reach level 10, once again this is a significant jump in required points per prestige level.

VIP Prestige 8

If you can afford to upgrade then this Prestige level has the strongest combat boosts to date. The free Commander Preset equip is the most useful feature and will save you a small fortune in the cost of switching which preset you equip easily. The permanent VIP benefit will mean you never have toworry about your VIP boost running out on you again!!

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