VIP 130 (prestige 12)

VIP 130 has been released. This is effectively VIP prestige 12.

It maintains all the benefits of VIP 120 (prestige 11) but features a significant increase in the combat stats. The majority of the other boosts have not really increased.

Troop Defense and Troop Health increase from 600% at VIP 120 to 1000% at VIP 130 (without dbc active for the additional benefits) That is an increase of 400% which is the biggest to date.

Key Benefits

There is 4 key benefits to VIP 130. These are:

Troop Attack – The Troop Attack stat jumps from 4000% at the previous VIP prestige to 14000% at VIP 120. This is an enormous jump in Attack, that is useful for both attackers and defenders.

Rally Health & Defense, Control point Health and Defense – Control Point and Rally Health and Defense stats of 10000% at VIP 130. This stat is first unlocked at VIP 125

Building Boost Manager – This feature allows you easily overview all your building boosts and update them

One click Building Boost levels – This feature allows you to instantly upgrade a building to the next XP level with one click, provided you have the required number of building boost items


VIP 130 requires 4.96KT (Kilo Trillion) VIP points to reach max level. This is an enormous jump from the previous VIP level and it means that at least initially it will be tough for the average player to achieve

VIP 130


The Troop Attack increase is much larger than anything previously seen. This is ideal for attackers as it increases the size of the targets they can hit. However it is also ideal for defenders as it will provide them with enough attack to kill incoming marches ideal especially if players were struggling given the recent increase in rally size.

The Introduction of Control Point Health and Defense helps players holding Control Points to defend against Solo Attacks with multiple solo Attacks being sent alongside a rally a tactic that has been frequently used for players looking to take a Control Point from a defender.

The one click building boost level allows players to quickly and easily achieve a high building XP level before using more building boost items to get an optimum combat stat on each building.

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