Ultra DBC insignia

Two brand new Ultra DBC Insignia have been released.

These new insignia have been released to coincide with the release of the new Ultra DBC membership.

These new Insignia are some of the strongest yet.

New Insignia

Ultra DBC exclusive Defender insignia

  • Troop Armor piercing resilience WITHOUT Commander – 100%
  • Type Armor piercing resilience WITHOUT Commander – 20%
  • Army Armor piercing resilience WITHOUT Commander – 20%
  • Troop Attack – 5BTT%
  • Rally/Control point Attack – 5BTT%
  • Indestructible Defense – 2.5KT%
  • Rally/Control point Health – 1TTT%
  • Mobile Trap Health – 500BTT%


Ultra DBC celebration Defender Insignia 

  • Troop Attack – 500MTT%
  • Rally Attack – 500MTT%
  • Indestructible Defense – 250T%
  • Rally/Control point Health bonus – 100BTT%
  • Mobile Trap Health – 50BTT%


These Insignias are the first time ever that Armor piercing resilience WITHOUT a Commander present has been given

This will help players take hits after they lose their Commander

The stats on these Insignia make them strong options and are ideal to be paired with the Divine Insignias for strongest results

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