Troop Defense Master Insignia

A brand new Troop Defense Master Insignia has been released.

It is a hybrid Insignia that gives a dual boost of 2000% Troop Defense and 2000% Troop Health when activated at level 6. Its the first Insignia to give a dual boost of Defense and Health. The boost is only received if your Commander is present

The Duration on this Insignia is 24 hours and the cooldown is 1 hour

Insignia Benefits

The benefits this Insignia gives are as follows (all stats are for all troop types; regular, advanced and mercenary):

  • Level 1 – 50% Troop Defense, 50% Troop Health
  • Level 2 – 100% Troop Defense, 100% Troop Health
  • Level 3 – 200% Troop Defense, 200% Troop Health
  • Level 4 – 400% Troop Defense, 400% Troop Health
  • Level 5 – 600% Troop Defense, 600% Troop Health
  • Level 6 – 2000% Troop Defense, 2000% Troop Health

This is the first Insignia to give a dual benefit of Defense and Health making it the most desirable Insignia for players looking to defend currently.

The Duration on this Insignia is 24 hours, or 1 whole day. This makes the insignia super useful as it can be equipped for the entire duration of a kill event without ever running out and needing renewing. It can also be activated overnight incase your shield was to drop to provide extra Defensive stats

The Insignia gives 2000% Defense and 2000% Health, this is the most Defense seen to date in an Insignia and the second most Health after the Troop Health Master Insignia

This Insignia only provides the boost if the Commander is present, this provides an emphasis on utilizing your Commander which is crucial when Attacking or Defending in Mobile Strike.

If you lose your Commander this Insignia obviously will not provide you with a benefit.

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