Training Grounds vs Banks vs Hospitals

Inside your city walls in your base, you have 25 plots unlocked (28 is you unlock all extra Building plots) Out of those 25 plots, 10 are taken with the buildings you can construct once (War room, Prison, Death Row, Armory, Radar station, Warehouse, Embassy, Research Facility & Hall of Heroes) This leaves 15 available slots for Banks/Training grounds/Hospitals. You’ll need once of each in order to unlock a Research Facility so effectively once all buildings are constructed once you will be left with 12 plots to fill. (more if you later decide to deconstruct buildings once you get your Research Facility to lv21)

So what is the best combination?

There is no one correct answer to this, its entirely individual to each account and how you want to play. Here is a break down of each of the buildings and their benefits.

Training Ground      Bank     Hospital

Training Grounds

Training grounds increase the train capacity per batch of troops in your Base. The more Training grounds you have the more troops you can train in one go. One training ground at level 21 allows you to train 5000 troops in one batch, at level 22 this doubles to 10000 troops per Training ground. The Training ground is where you can see a break down of your total army composition and the upkeep breakdown you have as well as your total training speed and training capacity numbers. You get a troop defense boost for every Training ground you have which varies depending on level. At level 21 you get a 10% boost, at lv 22 its 12%

training ground boost stats


Banks have two benefits, they increase Coin production (per hour and capacity) and increase training speed. The more Banks you have the higher your training speed and hence the lower the cost in speed ups to train troops. Increasing training speed can save a small fortune in speed ups especially when training large quantities of troops. The training speed per Bank increases by 1% per levels 1-20 and then jumps to 25% for level 21, at level 22 its 27%. Banks additionally give troop attack of 2% at level 21 and 3% at 22.

Bank info


Hospitals provide a certain number of beds that your troops will go to if your base is attacked. Once your hospital capacity is reached then troops will start to die when your attacked. The troops in Hospital are saved and are able to be healed. Your lowest tiered troops will fill up your beds first. Hospitals only work of course when your base is being attacked by another player. The bed capacity increases each time you level up your Hospital building and a level 21 Hospital gives 40,000 capacity, level 22 gives 50,000. Hospitals also give a troop health benefit, but like Banks this is only at levels 21 (5%) and 22 (7%) level 22 also gives a 10% Hospital healing speed.

Hospital stats

Advantages of each set up

All Hospitals – This set up allows you to have a large bed capacity with which to take hits and quickly heal troops to continue fighting. Healing is cheaper than retraining troops and is an ideal strategy for a solo trap account. It would also provide a troop health boost assuming the hospitals are level 21 which aids in defending yourself especially since troop health is most beneficial to smaller army counts.

All Banks – This set up allows for the cheapest way of training troops in terms of speed ups. The cost per batch will be significantly lower than training troops with different set ups and will allow you to get more troops for the equivalent cost of speed ups than other set ups would, since the number of troops trained in one batch would be smaller it will mean more clicking to train your army. The additional troop attack although only small per Bank will also help is hitting other players. This set up is also ideal for an “Alliance Bank” or base that wants to mass produce Coin

All Training Grounds – This set up allows for the most number of troops to be trained at once. It is ideal for mass training troops quickly although the cost in speed ups will be far greater than a base using an all Bank set up. Training grounds provide troop defense and for this reason it is the preferred set up of many big players, as troop defense becomes the key stat once an army reaches a certain point in size. The effectiveness of troop health scales down as the army grows whereas the effectiveness of troop defense starts lower and scales up as the army size increases. Having lots of Training Grounds provides a significant troop defense boost which helps bigger players defend themselves even when the Commander is out the city (at the Control Point etc)

Mix of each – Having a mixture of each allows you to get some of the benefits from each of the buildings. The larger you grow, the less likely your base is to get attacked (as youll be the one doing the attacking) that will mean the number of Hospitals you need will decrease. Having a mix of Training Grounds and Banks can allow you to increase the number of troops trained at once whilst also increasing the speed up cost at which you train them, this can be a very effective strategy when growing an army.

Bear in mind that in order to get the Combat boosts each of these buildings provide, its advised you level each of them up to 21. If your certain on your set up then leveling them up to 22 will provide you with better boosts, however is much harder to chop and change your set up as the level 22 buildings are far more costly. Altering your setup depending on the situation of your account could be very beneficial.

Feel free to post in the comments the set up you use and any particular reasons for that set up





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