The Arsenal building

A brand new building has been released called the Arsenal.

This building allows you to activate Ammunition in order to receive huge combat benefits.

In order to receive the highest available combat boosts, you will need to level the Arsenal up to the maximum level (currently level 21). Once it is level 21 you have the option of Activating two Ammunition types to get double boosts.

The Arsenal building requires an Arsenal Blueprint item in order to unlock it (the blueprint is found in selected in-game purchases). To upgrade the Arsenal once it is unlocked you will require Arsenal Assembly Bot items (which are again found in selected in-game purchases)

Ammunition types

The Arsenal building has 6 different types of Ammunition. each one provides a different boost. Here is each of the Ammunition types and the boost they provide. (All boosts listed are for a maximum level Arsenal)

  • Hollow Point – 100,000% Troop Attack
  • Depleted Uranium – 125,000% Infantry Attack
  • Full Metal Jacket – 125,000% Tactical Attack
  • High Explosive – 125,000% Armored Vehicle Attack
  • Armor Piercing – 1500% Armor Piercing
  • Incendiary – 2000% Accuracy


Using the Arsenal building

In order to use the Arsenal building once you have it leveled up, you will need Arsenal Bullet items (found in selected in-game purchases) The boosts from the Arsenal building are only applied to Attacks made against enemy bases, so this building does not provide any benefit when being Attacked.

To activate a boost, go into the Arsenal building and select the Ammunition you want to activate (at level 21 you can activate two Ammunition simultaneously). That boost(s) is then Active for each time you Attack a base, provided you have sufficient Arsenal Bullets.

One Arsenal Bullet is needed for each troop in a deployment or war rally. so a solo Attack with 5 million troops would require 5 million Arsenal Bullets per Attack and a rally with 35 million troops would require 35 million Arsenal Bullets per Attack for example.

At level 21 if you have two Ammunition active at once it will require two Arsenal Bullets per troop in a deployment or war rally.

In order to save Arsenal Bullets, you can deactivate the Ammunition in the Arsenal building and then reactivate it again when you want to gain the boost(s) again.



Thoughts on the Arsenal building

The Arsenal building provides no benefit to Defenders as the boosts from this building are only activated when Attacking someone.

The Arsenal provides huge Attack boosts which now makes it possible on a fully maxed account to reach total Attack of over 1.1 Million%

At level 21 you can activate two Ammunition which can give a boost of up to 225,000%

The option of activating the Armor Piercing and/or Accuracy boosts provide further opportunity to reduce the Defense/Health of your enemy.

The cost of using this building is pretty expensive since it requires Arsenal Bullets each time an Attack is made with the Ammunition active. This could prove expensive for any player that sends Commander-less Attacks at people, or for anyone that forgets to deactivate the Ammunition when they don’t want it active.

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