Supreme Destruction Core Set – Infantry

The Supreme Destruction Core set is the first EW released recipe Prototype set in Mobile Strike.

Its an infantry based set and is advertised as having 3000% infantry attack. This is substantially more than any boost previously available. It signals the start of the transition from regular Gear to Core gear becoming more important in Mobile Strike.

The Recipe

As this is a Core set, you can get a set bonus by using the correct recipe. The recipe for this set is very basic, there is only 6 attachments and each Core requires all of the  6 attachments to make it “recipe perfect” and get the set bonus.

supreme destruction recipe

Each core requires the following attachments:

  • Breaching Stock
  • Shotgun Sling
  • True Destiny Patch
  • Dual Clip Holder
  • Grate Cover
  • Shotgun Drum

The base bonus (5) for the set is Troop Attack & advanced Troop Attack 50%

The Full bonus (7) for the set is Troop Attack & advanced Troop Attack 100%

supreme destruction set bonus                supreme destruction set active


(Please note: All Modding advice is accurate at the time of writing)

This core set is an infantry attack based set. Therefore in order to get the most out of it with Modding you want to boost that. If you have the research complete then use either the new Infantry Destruction mod set or the Anniversary Troop Attack Mod set. If however you don’t have the Mod set research fully completed then an example ideal way to Mod this set would be:

  • Infantry Mod (25% Inf attack)
  • Carpet Bomb Mod (25% Troop attack)
  • Overtaker’s Mod (25% Inf attack)
  • Combat Infantry Mod (25% Inf attack)/ Venom Mod (25% Troop attack/12.5% Deployment speed)

Alternative Mods (In order)

  • Fear Mod (25% Troop Attack)
  • Scythe Mod (25% Troop Attack)
  • Air Raid Mod (12.5% Troop attack/12.5% Troop health)
  • Tribute Mod (12.5% Inf attack/12.5% Troop health)
  • Golden Warrior Mod (12.5% Inf attack/12.5% Troop defense)


Several of the Cores in this set look like they will be very useful for making Custom Cores once there is a wider selection available, the accessory in particular looks nice. Likewise several of the Attachments look very useful with the Dual Clip Holder being the standout Attachment.

supreme destruction attachment

8 thoughts on “Supreme Destruction Core Set – Infantry

        1. The Destruction Mod set will give the highest Infantry Attack available currently. The highest overall Troop Attack you can currently get is by using the Anniversary Troop Attack mod set in all pieces. (over 100% more Attack)

          Either Mod set works well for the Supreme Destruction core set.

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