Shadow Storm Core Set (Infantry)

The Shadow Storm Core set is the 4th Recipe perfect EW core set released in Mobile strike

Its the first core set in the “second cycle” of Core sets. It is an Infantry Based Core set. It is advertised as achieving 6000% Attack which is a 400% increase on the previous set released: the Absolute Extinction Core set.

The Cores

Here are the Cores for the Set:

Shadow Storm Helmet (Helmet)

Shadow Storm Body Armor (Armor)

Shadow Storm Cutters (Footwear)

Shadow Storm Vector (Weapon)

Shadow Storm Comms (Accessory)

Shadow storm core set active

The Recipe

Like the three previous Core sets, The Shadow Storm Core set is a recipe perfect set. Following the Recipe perfectly will give you the “hidden” stats that form this set. Like the previous sets, the recipe is very simple and only features 6 attachments. All 6 attachments are used in each of the Cores. Using all 6 attachments in each of the cores will make the set “recipe perfect” and get all the set bonus.

Each of the Cores requires the following Attachments:

  • Shadow Storm Patch
  • Jet Black Visor
  • 49 Mag
  • Locator Chip
  • Shoe Knife
  • Wireless Receiver

Set Bonus

The set bonus for the Shadow Storm Core set is:

Base set bonus (5) – 50% Troop Attack for Regular, Advanced and Mercenary Troops

Full set bonus (7) – 100% Troop Attack for Regular, Advanced and Mercenary Troops

The specialised set Bonus gives Troop Health. The set bonus on this Core set is identical to that of the Absolute Extinction set. Like the Extinction set, the bonuses are nice, although it would be good to see the specialised set bonuses giving Attack as well rather than just Health as troop counts are getting large enough with most players now that no troop survive when rallying someone. Therefore having additional Attack would help to increase the power of hits rather than Health which helps to improve surivability rates.

Shadow storm set bonus


(please note, all Modding advice is correct at the time of writing this)

As this is an Infantry Core set, you want to Mod it with Infantry attack/Troop Attack Mods to get the most out of the set. The strongest Mod set currently available is the Anniversary Troop Attack Mod set. The strongest pure Infantry Attack option is the Destruction Mod set. Either of these two Mod sets would be the Optimum way to Mod the Shadow Storm Core set.

If you don’t have the Mod set research complete, an example ideal way to Mod would be:

  • Infantry Mod (25% Inf attack)
  • Carpet Bomb Mod (25% Troop attack)
  • Overtaker’s Mod (25% Inf attack)
  • Combat Infantry Mod (25% Inf attack)/ Venom Mod (25% Troop attack/12.5% Deployment speed)

Alternative Mods (In order)

  • Fear Mod (25% Troop Attack)
  • Scythe Mod (25% Troop Attack)
  • Air Raid Mod (12.5% Troop attack/12.5% Troop health)
  • Tribute Mod (12.5% Inf attack/12.5% Troop health)
  • Golden Warrior Mod (12.5% Inf attack/12.5% Troop defense)


Boosting this Core set to +5 in your Combat Lab will yield the best results when out hitting players bases.

Running the Set with the Core enhancement Insignia (if Cores are +5) and the Commander Troop Attack Insignia will give you the highest Troop Attack you can get currently from your Monument building.





3 thoughts on “Shadow Storm Core Set (Infantry)

  1. I received this gear in my crates to manufacture. But after opening them I can’t find them in my armoury to actually make them.

    1. if youve opened your crates from your items, the cores and attachments will be in the Armory but may be “locked” To unlock them you need to use Core and Attachment swaps. To do this go intro the Armory> Cores and Attachments, scroll down to find the locked Core and/or Attachment, select it and choose swap, then swap it with an already unlocked core/attachment. once all Cores and Attachments in the set are “unlocked” there will be ready to craft and use.

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