Rebel Target level 10

Rebel Targets level 10 has been released.

In order to kill Rebel Targets level 10 you will need to unlock that ability by researching it in the Commander tree.

Rebel Target level 10 research requires a Research Facility lv 21 and Rebel Target level 9 complete to unlock it. It takes 5000 Rebel level 10 Restricted files and 7500 Research Files (without equipping an Atom Splitter Weapon)

It takes 512 million each Stone, Oil and Iron and 750 million each Food & Coin and gives 15 million power when complete. Level 10 Rebel targets are predominantly found within the radius of the Capital.

Killing a level 10 Rebel provides both you and your alliance with a special crate that can award up to 25000% Attack, Health or Defense. This makes the level 10 rebel target the most rewarding rebel level to kill to date.

Rewards of up to 25000% in combat stats are huge and will give massive advantages to alliances that can kill multiple level 10 rebels and stack up on these reward crates.

Using the newly released Bounty Hunter gear(s) (Ultimate grand bounty hunter/Grand bounty hunter/Bounty hunter) will provide the most success when looking to kill these newly released level 10 Rebels.

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