Prototype Gear

Prototype Gear also known as Cores are the Strongest combat Gear in Mobile Strike, you can achieve much higher stats than with regular gear however Prototype Gear has a timer which activates the first time you equip the Gear. Once the timer ends that Gear is automatically broken; all Mods equipped in Prototype Gear are returned once a Core expires.

Making Cores

prototype gear crafting

Cores have 6 levels ranging from Basic (level 1) to Legendary (level 6). In order to make Cores you will need to Research the Respective Core Mastery levels in the Research Facility>Manufacturing tree. A Core is combined with 1-6 attachments which is then crafted to give the end result. The number of attachments you can use with a Core is dependent on your Manufacturing research – you start with 3 attachments unlocked and can research 4th, 5th and 6th attachment slots. The 6th attachment slot is the final research in the Manufacturing research tree meaning youll need to research the entire tree if you want the strongest Cores.

Like Regular Gear, some Prototype Gear has a corresponding Commander Level for each core and that Commander level must be reached before a Core can be equipped and used. The Duration of time a Core lasts before expiring can be improved with research in the Manufacturing tree and by achieving a higher VIP prestige level.

core mastery research


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