Omega Troops (Tier 7 Troops)

Tier 7 Troops have been released in Mobile Strike.

These brand new troops are called Omega Troops and are the third new tier of troops to be released in the last 6 months (after tier 5 and tier 6 troops)

Along with the new Omega troops, there is a huge increase to both rally and deployment sizes.

New rally size

The new rally/deployment sizes are as follows:

  • Max Solo – 80,000,000
  • Max Trap Solo – 30,000,000
  • Max Rally – 300,000,000
  • Max Trap Rally – 100,000,000

This means its now possible to have combined rally sizes of 400 million (troops plus traps) and combined solo sizes of 110 million (troops plus traps)

These new rally and deployment sizes are huge and will change the game in terms of target size that can be hit. Initially as well it will make it more challenging for alliances to fully fill, given the number of members required to do it.



The new Omega Troops, have their own research tree, that is extended onto the bottom of the Ultimate Combat research tree. For full breakdown of all the researches in this tree with the stats be sure to check out the Omega troops research tree article.

This new research tree is different from all other researches, in that it is the first research tree to solely require the new resources in order to complete it. Equally the new Omega troops differ from all other troops, in that their require the new resources for their upkeep rather than food like all other troops tiers.

New Omega Troops

There is 12 new Omega Troops and 9 new Omega traps. These are


  • Heavy – Regular Infantry
  • Overseer – Regular Tactical
  • Warthog – Regular Armored Vehicle
  • Warp Cannon – Regular Artillery
  • Warlord – Advanced Infantry
  • Corruptor – Advanced Tactical
  • Observer – Advanced Armored Vehicle
  • Heavy Cannon – Advanced Artillery
  • Berserker – Mercenary Infantry
  • Deadeye – Mercenary Tactical
  • Raptor – Mercenary Armored Vehicle
  • Hellfire Cannon – Mercenary Artillery



  • Laser Turret – Regular
  • Sentry Turret – Regular
  • Spike Pit – Regular
  • Camo Drone – Advanced
  • Modular Turret – Advanced
  • Blade Glaive – Advanced
  • Chain Gun – Mercenary
  • Hydra Turret – Mercenary
  • Spiked Snare – Mercenary

Omega Troops are unlocked firstly by leveling up your Troop Academy building, using “Omega Golden Badge” items, then researching each individual troop and trap in the Omega research tree, which is found at the bottom of the Ultimate Combat tree in your Research Facility building. Unlocking each troop and trap requires “Omega Intelligence Chip” items.

Currently all Omega troops and traps can be unlocked via the purchase of the Omega troop unlock DBC renewal day in-game purchase.


Omega Troop Research

The new Omega troops feature a brand new research tree extended onto the Ultimate combat tree. Full details of that will be covered in another article, but here is an overview of the stats given in this new research tree.

Utility Benefits 

  • Omega Troop Resource Training cost – 30%
  • Omega Trap resource Training cost – 30%
  • Max Trap Capacity – 100,000,000,000
  • Training and Promotion Queue size – 25,000,000,000,000
  • Triple Deployment Sabotage (Reduces the speed of incoming deployments on global control point, control point and your base)- 500%
  • Training Speed – 500%


Combat Benefits 

  • Total Attack – 900,000,000,000%
  • Total Defense – 7,600,000,000%
  • Total Health – 1,500,000,000%
  • Total Defense Debuff (Armor Piercing) – 3,000,000%
  • Total Health Debuff  (Accuracy) – 40,000,000,000%


Omega troops are the most costly troops released to date.

Given that Omega troops require the new resources in order to unlock and train, it presents a new challenge to players, as everyone has far more of the original resources than they do the new resources.

It puts an emphasis on maxing out your rural buildings so that you can change their production to the new resources.

The new rally and deployment sizes are game changing and will allow for much larger hits to take place, especially if combined with the new Omega troops.



What are your thoughts on the new tier 7 troops. leave a comment down below.

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