New Troop Academy levels

New Levels have been released for the Troop Academy. you can now upgrade the building to level 15.

troop academy new levels







These new levels increase the queue size of troops you can promote in one batch:

  • Level 11 – 125,000
  • Level 12 – 150,000
  • Level 13 – 175,000
  • Level 14 – 200,000
  • Level 15 – 250,000

At level 15 you also unlock the ability to promote the new Mercenary troops to Regular troops & to promote Advance troops to Mercenary troops.

The Troop Academy building is looking like its becoming more of a useful building so upgrading to these new levels is worth doing if you have the required Golden Badges item.

The game introduced a free T3-T4 troop promotion item for a limited time (on 17/11/16) saving a Significant amount of resources and speed ups. If this is to become a theme, then upgrading this building is going to be one of the most important in your base.

The Large increases in queue sizes is going to make Promoting troops much faster for players that already use the building to increase their troop tiers and reorganize their army configurations.

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