New Insignias released

There has been multiple new insignias released for use in the Monument building. Each provide a different unique bonus to help make your base stronger. Each of the new insignias are available in levels 1-6 and can be combined in the Armoury. They can be acquired via in game purchases.

Here is an overview of the new insignias and their bonuses at level 6

  • Vault insignia – Increases the vault deposit (9600) and the interest rate (6%) Duration: 1 day Cooldown: 1 day
  • Gear Head insignia – Reduces the timer for new manufacturing timers (30%) Duration: 1 hour Cooldown: 1 day
  • Lab Rat insignia – Reduces the time for new researches (30%) Duration: 1 hour Cooldown: 1 day
  • Drill insignia – Increases the maximum amount of troops you can train in one batch (10000) Duration: 1 hour Cooldown: 1 day
  • Rebel Destroyer insignia – Increases the Commander attack (50%) and Energy cost reduction (10%) Duration: 1 hour Cooldown: 1 day

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