New Infantry Mod Set (Destruction Mod Set)

A new Infantry Mod set was released today featuring 4 new mods: 3 regular mods and 1 special mod. This new mod set allows you to gain 1400% Infantry attack, this is substantially more than the previous infantry mod set and is ideal for using with the recently released supreme destruction core set.

The New Mods


Overtaker’s Mod – 25% Infantry Attack/Advanced Infantry Attack

Overtaker's mod






Destroyer Mod – 12.5% Infantry Attack/Advanced Infantry Attack, 12.5% Troop Attack/Advanced Troop Attack

destroyer mod






Boom Mod – 25% Troop Attack/Advanced Troop Attack

Boom Mod






Supremacy Special Mod – 25% Infantry Attack/Advanced Infantry Attack, 10% Deployment Speed

supremacy special mod






If you have the Mod set research tree completed then equipping these 4 new Mods together forms the brand new Infantry Mod set. The 4 mods will give 100% Infantry Attack and 10% Deployment Speed. The set gives a bonus of 100% Infantry attack per set.

Using this Mod set in all 7 pieces of gear will secure you 1400% Infantry Attack and 70% Deployment Speed. This boost is significant and is a large improvement on the previous Infantry Mod set.

Each of the New Mods on their own are solid and will provide more variety to players without the Mod Set research when looking to strengthen their gear through Modding.





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