New Divine Insignias

Three brand new Divine Insignias have been released

These new Insignias feature the highest stats seen in Insignias to date.

The New Insignia

Here is a breakdown of each of the new Insignia with the stats they provide.

Lightning Strike Insignia

  • Type Attack – 8TT%
  • Army Defense – 20T%
  • Rally and Control Point Health – 24TT%
  • Mobile Trap Health – 8TT%


Nuclear Insignia

  • Overpowered Attack -1TT%
  • Nuclear Assault – 25kt%
  • Rally and Control Point Health – 30TT%
  • Mobile Trap Health – 10TT%


Blade Insignia

  • Army Defense – 10T%
  • Indestructible Defense – 30T%



Collectively Acquiring and Equipping these three brand new Divine Insignia will provide the following total stats:

  • Overpowered Attack – 1TT%
  • Type Attack – 8TT%
  • Army Defense – 20T%
  • Indestructible Defense – 30T%
  • Type Defense – 10T%
  • Nuclear Assault – 25KT%
  • Rally and Control Point Health – 54TT%
  • Mobile Trap Health – 18TT%


There is no Rally or Control Point Attack in any of the new Insignia

The Blade Insignia is Ideal for players looking to add Defense especially the crucial Indestructible Defense stat

These new Insignia appear to have little to no debuff stats in which makes a change for any single release

Each of the new Insignia has a duration of 365 days and a cooldown of 1 hour.



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