New Combat Insignia’s (Attack, Health & Defense)

3 new Combat Insignia’s have been released, One for attack, One for Health and One for Defense. Each of these new Insignia’s allow for substantial increases in combat stats when active and with the ability to use 2 Insignia at the same time, the options of different combinations depending on the situation improves vastly.

The New Insignia’s

Destruction Insignia – Troop Attack 

destruction insignia






The Destruction Insignia gives Troop Attack/Advanced Troop Attack/Mercenary Troop Attack of 100%. The duration is 1 hour and the cool down is 1 hour. When attacking other players this is ideal to be paired with the Attack Insignia to give a total combined boost of 150% Troop Attack for all troop types.

Medic’s Insignia – Troop Health 

medic's insignia






The Medic’s Insignia gives Troop Health/Advanced Troop Health/Mercenary Troop Health of 150% The duration is 1 hour and the cool down is 1 hour. This is ideal to be paired with the Health Insignia for players with lower troop counts or players competing in Control Point battles to give a total combined boost of 250% Troop Health for all troop types.

Defense Insignia – Troop Defense

defense insignia






The Defense Insignia gives Troop Defense/Advanced Troop Defense/Mercenary Troop Defense of 150%. The duration is 1 hour and the cool down is 1 hour. This is the first Insignia to give a Troop Defense boost and is ideal for players with larger troop counts who are taking hits on their base. It can be paired with either a Health Insignia or an Attack Insignia if more Attack is needed to kill an incoming march/rally.


The new Combat Insignia’s increase the variety of stats that can be achieved in battle. The ability to equip two at the same time means that significant boosts can be achieved if the Insignia’s are equipped at the correct time.

The 3 new releases cater for all play styles, which makes them very useful to acquire. The Defense Insignia is especially useful since players armies are only going to grow in size and therefore Troop Defense becomes the most important stat when defending your base.

It would be nice to see a second Troop Defense Insignia released to allow that to be paired up like you currently can with Troop Attack and Troop Health.




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