New Building levels (HQ23-25)

Brand new Building levels have been released.

You can now upgrade your base up to buildings level 25, this is a significant advance from the previous best available; level 22.

With the increased in these building levels, there is 4 key benefits. these are:

  • New maximum rally size of 35,000,000
  • New maximum deployment size of 7,000,000
  • Research Scout report – see a total overview of enemies research levels when you scout them
  • Research Awareness – tells you the available researches you can complete.


The cost of upgrading to each of these new building levels is the highest seen to date. be sure to look out for our articles on each of the new building level costs to see exactly how much is required to upgrade all buildings to each of the new levels.

Key Building benefits

Each of the new buildings provide different benefits. here is a breakdown of the benefits each building provides (note these benefits are for maxed buildings; lv25)

Headquarters – 7,000,000 deployment size

Radar station – Research scouting and 50% Attack debuff

War room – 35,000,000 Rally capacity & 75% Rally Attack bonus

Armory – 10% Core Duration, 400% Crafting speed

Death Row – 500% Attack, 500% Defense, 500% Health

Prison – 150% Attack per prisoner

Embassy – 50% Embassy Defense, 7,000,000 reinforcement capacity

Hall of Heroes – 40 additional skill points, 25 additional rebel target skill points

Training grounds – 20% Troop Defense, 300% Accuracy, 40,000 troop queue

Hospital – 100% Health, 200,000 capacity

Bank – 100% Attack, 35% training speed, 300% Armor piercing

Trading Post – 10,000,000 Resource help capacity, 250% Trade march speed

Walls – 100% Trap Attack & Defense, 750,000 Trap capacity, 60% Trap training speed

Research Facility – Research Awareness, 70% Research speed

Warehouse – 1,610,000,000 resources protected

Farm, Logging camp, Mine, Quarry – Increase in Resource production and Capacity


Requirements for upgrading

In order to upgrade these new building levels, a building must first be at level 22. Legendary hammers are again required to upgrade and Stone, Oil and Iron are needed. Food is not required to upgrade (at least not to 23)

In order to move to Headquarters 23 you also need a Headquarters 23 Blueprint which can be found in selected in-game purchases.


Thoughts on the new building levels


Probably the biggest feature of the new building releases is the increase in both Rally and Deployment size. The new Rally capacity is 35,000,000. This is almost double what it was previously. This will make hits substantially stronger, so anyone playing as a trap will need to adjust or will get hit very hard.

The increase in deployment size will allow for much bigger targets getting hit, especially those baiting to attract rallies, it will also help to fill the new Rally sizes at the cost of more troops/power lost per person, per rally.

The Accuracy stat is introduced into Training Grounds, and the Armor Piercing stat is introduced into Banks. This is a huge addition and greatly increases the Accuracy and Armor Piercing stats possible. It means now, that its ideal for rally leaders to use an all Bank set up in order to get the most Armor Piercing possible which is the key stat for hitting bases with lots of troops. Using all Training Grounds is more suited to Control Point players where the Accuracy stat will help more.

The new Research Scouting feature is incredibly handy and lets you get a total overview of all the completed research of your opponent. This is ideal for a rally leader to see when deciding whether or not to hit a player, and ideal for a defender to see to identify approximately how strong the potential rally leaders Attack is going to be.

The Death Row gets a significant increase in the benefit that gives, which puts more of an emphasis on capturing and Killing Commanders to ensure its always active.




If anyone has information on the cost of individual buildings for levels 24 and 25, please leave them in the comments below or let me know using the contact form on the site.

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