New Annihilation Mod Set (Tactical)

A new Annihilation Mod set has been released to coincide with the Ultimate Annihilation core set released yesterday. This mod set is a Tactical set and features 4 new Mods: 3 regular Mods and 1 special Mod.

This Mod set gives a total of 1400 Attack with the completed Mod set research: 700% from the Actual Mods and 700% from the Mod set bonus if used in all 7 items of Gear.

The New Mods

Headshot Mod – 25% Tactical Attack/Advanced Tactical Attack

headshot mod




Sharpshooter Mod – 12.5% Tactical Attack/Advanced Tactical Attack, 12.5% Troop Attack/Advanced Troop Attack

sharpshooter mod





Precision Mod – 25% Troop Attack/Advanced Troop Attack

precision mod





Annihilator’s Special Mod – 25% Troop Attack/Advanced Troop Attack, 12.5% Deployment Speed

annihilator special mod





This new Mod set is ideal to be used in the recently released Ultimate Annihilation core set where the Core set plus Mod set can give 5000% Attack.

It is going to add a lot more strength to any Tactical based gear whether Regular Gear or Prototype Gear.

The four new Mods provide further variety for people without Mod set research complete, to add selection to the Mods they can use to get the most from their gear.

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