Mercenary T5 Troops and 20 Million Rallies

Mercenary T5 Troops have arrived in Mobile Strike.

They are the final batch of T5 troops to be released and complete the cycle after the advanced t5 and regular t5 troops

The Mercenary T5 troops that have been released are:

  • Raider – Infantry
  • Tracker – Tactical
  • Viper – Armored Vehicle

The new T5 Troops have per Troop:

  • An upkeep of 600
  • Power of 45
  • Raider Load – 30
  • Tracker Load – 30
  • Viper Load -20

There is currently no mercenary Artillery troops

Requirements for T5 Mercenary Troops

There is 3 requirements you need in order to unlock Mercenary T5 Troops. These are:

  1. Research Facility at level 21
  2. Troop Attack 10 to be researched in the Mercenary Combat tree
  3. Troop Academy to level 18

Meeting these 3 requirements will Allow you to start researching Mercenary T5 troops. Troop Academy level 18 requires a new item called Mercenary Golden Badge, this is found in selected in-game purchases.


New Mercenary Combat research

Along with mercenary T5 troops comes a whole new section of the mercenary combat tree that features some huge new benefits. Like the new advanced combat researches, the new mercenary research features an increase in both rally and solo size. This means the new rally size is 20 million and the new solo size is 4 million. This is totally game changing and in a matter of weeks the rally capacity has increased from 4 million to 20 million… that’s staggering.

Here is a breakdown of all the new research and its benefits (please note all stats given are for completed research 10/10)


  • Raiders – Unlocks Infantry T5 mercenary troops
  • Trackers – Unlocks Tactical T5 mercenary troops
  • Vipers – Unlocks Armored Vehicle T5 mercenary troops
  • Raiders Resource Training Cost – 30%
  • Trackers Resource Training Cost – 30%
  • Vipers Resource Training Cost – 30%
  • Elite Infantry Defense III – 1500% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Infantry Health III – 2000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Infantry Attack III – 3000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Tactical Defense III – 1500% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Tactical Health III – 2000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Tactical Attack III – 3000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Armored Defense III – 1500% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Armored Health III – 2000% (for T5 troops)
  • Elite Armored Attack III – 3000% (for T5 troops)
  • Attack deployment capacity increase III – 400.000
  • All Rally size capacity increase III – 3.200.000
  • Rally Defense II – 1500%
  • Rally Health II – 2000%
  • Rally Attack Bonus III – 3000%
  • Battle Mark Attack Bonus – 200%
  • Control Point Troop Defense II – 1500%
  • Control Point Troop Health II – 2000%
  • Control Point Troop Attack II – 3000%
  • Troop Attack VI – 3000%
  • Troop Attack vs Base II – 3000%
  • Attack deployment capacity increase IV – 600.000
  • All Rally size capacity increase IV – 4.800.000
  • Troop Defense with Commander III – 1500%
  • Troop Health with Commander III – 2000%
  • Troop Attack with Commander III – 3000%

The new Mercenary Combat researches require both Research files and Mercenary Future Solider Files to complete. unlike Regular T5 researches, the new Mercenary T5 researches require speed ups and resources to complete which makes it a very costly research tree.


Thoughts on Mercenary T5 Troops and the new research

The most game changing research in the new tree is the increase in rally capacity. The ability to now have a 20 million rally hugely increases the size of targets that can be hit. Trap accounts will have to adapt to this rally size increase in particular or face the risk of losing large amounts of troops in single rallies.

The fact rallies have increased from 4 million to 20 million in a matter of a couple of weeks totally changes the dynamics of the game and puts the advantage strongly in the favor of heavy researched lead accounts.

This new research is heavily focused on Attack which gains far more of a boost than Health and Especially Defense.

The increase in deployment size to 4 million means that bigger players can now make even more powerful solo attacks on bases that previously couldn’t be solo hit, which might be ideal in an  example where someone eats a rally capping a Commander then switches back to bait gear to attract another rally. The new solo size might allow a fast solo to release the captured Commander.

Control Point stats get a further increase to help prevent players soloing the wonder to weaken or take in from whoever is holding it. This puts the emphasis back on rallying the control point if you want a chance of holding it.

Mercenary T5 completes the cycle of T5 troops and provides a full variety of troop type to hit enemy players with dependent on how an individual is set up with their troop composition.

The 4 million solo size will make it difficult is not impossible for small solo trap accounts to exist anymore effectively.


What do you think to the Mercenary T5 troops?   Which is your favorite: Mercenary, Advanced or Regular?

How much success have you had with the new 20 million rallies?

Feel free to leave a comment down below with your thoughts

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