Mercenary Combat Research tree

The new Mercenary Troops have been released. With them came a new research tree: the Mercenary Combat tree. This research tree allows you to unlock all of the new troops but also has some significant combat boosts.

As well as the combat boosts the research also lets you unlock deployment presets, these will make filling rallies and fighting at the control point much easier.

Breakdown of the research in the new tree

Here is a breakdown of all the new research in the Mercenary Combat Tree. Note the stats are for each research being complete (level 10)

  • Mercenary Troops tier 1 – Militia (Infantry), Marksmen (Tactical), Sentinels (Armored Vehicles)
  • Mercenary Troops tier 2 – Watchers (Infantry), Recon (Tactical), Goliath Tanks (Armored Vehicles)
  • Mercenary Troops tier 3 – Spectre (Infantry), Specialists (Tactical), Reaper Drone (Armored Vehicles)
  • Mercenary Troops tier 4 – Enforcers (Infantry), Covert Ops (Tactical), Gunships (Armored Vehicles)

Other Researches

  • Mercenary Infantry/Tactical/Armored Vehicle Attack – 131%
  • Mercenary Infantry/Tactical/Armored Vehicle Defense – 150%
  • Death Row Defense bonus – 200%
  • Death Row Health bonus – 200%
  • Deployment Preset – Allows you to pre-assign a march configuration with troop count and type for easy use in battle. (Deployment presets are set up in your training ground building(s)
  • Health bonus for all Infantry/Tactical/Armored Vehicle Troops – 100%
  • Defense bonus for all Infantry/Tactical/Armored Vehicle Troops – 100%
  • Mercenary Troop Defense – 131%
  • Mercenary Troop Health – 131%
  • Death Row Attack bonus – 300%
  • Attack bonus for all Infantry/Tactical/Armored Vehicle Troops – 100%
  • Troop Defense VI – 400%
  • Troop Health V – 400%
  • Troop Attack V – 600%


Thoughts on the research

Aside from the obvious benefit of unlocking all the Mercenary Troops which add a new dimension to combat in the game, the boosts from the other researches are significant.

The attack gained from this research tree is 1000% for all troop types (Troop attack + individual Troop Attack + Death row Attack bonus) This is a significant boost and will greatly increase the power of hits players can make.

The Death Row bonuses when combined with previous research and the Commander skill points mean it is now very beneficial to eliminate Commanders as substantial boosts are gained.

The Deployment presets are ideal for Control Point fighting. The ability to pre-assign march sizes and troop types makes filling Control points with mixed troops much faster and easier, it also makes joining rallies quicker too.

Research Bonus Rewards

There is 5 research bonus reward prizes for researches in the Mercenary Combat tree. Completing the specific research that holds these rewards will give you a Mercenary milestone Mystery crate. The researches containing these crates are:

  • Watchers (Tier 2 Infantry)
  • Deployment Preset – level 1
  • Spectre (Tier 3 Infantry)
  • Enforcers (Tier 4 Infantry)
  • Troop Attack – level 3

This research tree looks costly in resources and speed ups as well as in Mercenary Combat restricted files. For rally leaders and big players looking to fight in Control Point battles etc this is a research tree you should look to complete. For other smaller players there are more important research trees that should be prioritized ahead of this one.


For anyone wanting to know how Mercenary troops compare to Regular and Advanced troops be sure to check out the article on that coming soon.

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