Memorial Upgrade – Ultimate Elimination

The Memorial can now be upgraded like other buildings and hitting max level gives the option to Ultimately Eliminate an enemy Commander.

Commanders can only be eliminated once your base hits Headquarters level 15, you are only able to eliminate the Commander of an enemy who’s base is Headquarters level 15 or higher. A record of all enemy Commanders Eliminated as well as your own is kept in the Memorial.

There is 22 levels to upgrade the Memorial. Upgrading it requires an item called Gravedigger’s Coin. This item is found in select in-game purchases.

For each Level you upgrade the Memorial you get two benefits:

  1. An Ultimate Elimination Delay Reduction – reduces the time you have to wait to recover your Commander if it is ultimately eliminated
  2. Elimination Commander Bonus – You get a Troop Attack Bonus that remains permanent. The boost increases with each upgrade level and requires a certain number of Commanders to be eliminated to access it.

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The Troop Attack boost becomes significant as the Memorial building gets upgraded. The boost starts at 5% Troop Attack for regular, Advanced And Mercenary Troops and increases to 550% Troop Attack for regular, Advanced And Mercenary Troops at level 22.

Level 1 requires 1 Commander to be eliminated to get the 5% boost, the required number of Commanders eliminated jumps significantly so by the time you upgrade to 22 it requires 1000 eliminated to get the boost.

Ultimate Elimination

The Ultimate Elimination feature unlocked at Memorial level 22 allows you to perform a special kind of elimination on an enemy Commander that prevents them reviving it for an extended period of time.

In Game of War the equivalent feature – Ultimate Execution puts a players Commander (Hero) out of action for a week if they do not have their Memorial equivalent Building (Graveyard) upgraded. It also requires a special item per Ultimate Execution to perform meaning it doesn’t happen all that frequently given the cost.

No exact details have been released yet (at the time of writing this) as to the duration of an Ultimate Elimination but based on the feature in Game of War it could be assumed that a Commander Ultimately Eliminated could be unable to be recovered for up to a week depending on the level of your Memorial Building.

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The Ultimate Elimination feature looks like it will be an expensive feature given that the Memorial building needs to be unlocked all the way to 22 in order to unlock it, especially since each upgrade requires the Gravedigger’s coin item only currently found via in-game purchases. Because of this the feature looks to be more of a novelty feature for the high end spenders in the game.

Ultimate Elimination would be very useful for players constantly contesting Control Points or even the Global Control point where putting an enemy Commander out of commission for up to a week could make the difference in who wins and loses the Control Point/Global Control Point.

The Troop Attack boost given becomes significant as you upgrade the Memorial building. The fact it remains permanently gives a purpose for eliminating Commanders. The number of Commanders you are required to eliminate as you increase through the Memorial levels significantly increases and will take even the biggest players in the game a while to achieve.


2 thoughts on “Memorial Upgrade – Ultimate Elimination

  1. My commander has been captured. There is a timer thst state i can not resuscitate my commander umtil the timer expires. My question? Is there anyway to free him while in the ultimate elimination? The timer is set for 3 days which means i cant do anything until the timer expires.

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